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Strengths Finder Round-up what's next

Over the years, I have heard a whole slew of responses to people’s own StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths results.

From “eerily accurate” to “tear-inducingly-affirming”, from a skeptical “interesting” to a gung-ho “right-on,” from “surprising” to “no-surprise”—all quite frequently accompanied by an almost unbelieving smile.

I love the smile most of all because it says it all. They now have access to something they did not before—they know and affirm and have succinct words to describe their greatest Talent and greatest potential for Strength.

Then, no matter the variety of response, the next question is very nearly always some variation of “so what?”

So what?
What’s next?
I see that this describes me…how does that help?
What does it have to do with going forward?
How does this help me at work?
How does this help me as a mom?
How does this help me do better in school?
How can this help my marriage?
How can this lead to more energy?
What in the world do you mean by life-changing?

This week’s “round up” of Season 1 Isogo TV videos addresses these questions. The basics.

What are the next steps after you have taken StrengthsFinder? This group of videos gives you some practical tips and must-dos to be sure that you move your StrengthsFinder results from descriptive to dynamic—from the theoretical to the practical.

So, check out this featured video episode {and the A-list of nine others below!} to take really make change in your life through the power of your unique, brilliant Strengths.

ITV 31 | Ultra-specific Way to Experience More Flow + Less Frustration at Work (or Play!)


  • The #1 most effective tool for taking your Strengths from the theoretical to the practical — really using them for more energy, better results, and less frustration.
  • You will learn how to turn up (or down!) the volume on your Strengths in this episode with access to a Free printable activity.
  • Also, discover how you can get weekly insights on your individual Top 5 Strengths.


StrengthsFinder Volume Control

More What’s Next Episodes

ITV 17 | First 2 Steps to Using Your Strengths

StrengthsFinder Roundup Episode 17


  • This is one of my favorites — both for its simplicity and its power. There are two simple steps you can take TODAY to get more out of your StrengthsFinder results.
  • Learn about the doable plan that really puts those Strengths to work. Using a tool like StrengthsFinder to reveal your natural talent is a great first step.


ITV 27 | The Best Career for Your Strengths

StrengthsFinder Roundup Episode 27


  • Learn how to lean in on your own Strengths to make your job work for you, so you can feel more energized and less frustrated by using your Talents to succeed.
  • Get a hold of the the free tool Find Your Best Career that walks you through 4 steps to applying your Strengths to your role and your role search.


  • Remembering those 5 words can fall straight to the bottom of the bucket in the time-starved and multi-tasking way of life so many of us endure. Find out how to use both your body and mind to make your Strengths really stick.
  • Download this fun and creative activity that you can print out and use as an individual, or as a team, to set you up for soaring productivity.


  • Your most powerful decision-making tools are already within you.
  • This episode will help you discover that powerful link between the way you’re most naturally wired – your StrengthsFinder Top 5 – and your most essential values, using the free Values & StrengthsFinder Sort activity.


ITV 35 | An Inside Look From Becky– How Isogo’s Vision Includes You



  • I am sharing both my own heart and the vision of what Isogo is and will be. It includes you in a dynamic and essential way as you mobilize your brilliant, natural Strengths.
  • Be part of the movement for life-change through natural Strengths with your own copy of the Isogo Vision :: Purpose, Mission, and Values.

ITV 42 | 3 Steps to Craft Your Energizing Personal Brand

StrengthsFinder Round up What's next


  • Uncover the positive impact on your relationships and work when you zero in on the essence of who you are and can define it in one succinct statement.
  • Discover the 3 easy steps to create your personal brand.
  • Access the free Bring It | Need It FREE tool that provides the building blocks to your Personal Brand.


ITV 43 | Neutralize Your Weaknesses AND Boost Your Energy with these 4 Specific Strategies :: Part 1

StrengthsFinder Roundup What's next


  • The first two of 4 research-backed strategies for mitigating weakness using your natural Strengths (see Part 2 for the next two!)
  • Two word pictures you can use to face weakness that doesn’t zap your energy, and in fact boosts it in the process.


  • The final two of 4 practical steps are revealed that you can apply to your rough spots today!
  • See how sometimes our Weakness will be best addressed as we move beyond ourselves and involve other systems or even other people.
  •  I reference our super cool and super helpful FREE infographic for teaming up with others — Strengths on the Bus…so be sure to check that out!


  • The ONE thing you must remember about yourself if you’re interested at all in life-change through what you’re already wired with- your Strengths.
  • A final word and funny outtakes from the first year of Isogo TV.

StrengthsFinder Insights Personal Brand

I want to help you achieve the ENERGY you deserve and reduce the FRUSTRATION that plagues us all in relationships—both at work and at home (at least, it plagues me!). So, connect with me with any questions, excitements or skepticism you have…I’d love to connect with you over on Facebook or Twitter, both @IsogoStrong or by this handy little contact form.

Or consider joining our Facebook Group — Energy Up. Frustration Down. By Strengths — as we spur one another on toward life-change through our own unique Strengths and see how others are living with more energy and less frustration as a result of knowing and understanding and using their StrengthsFinder Talents.

Until next time! Be Strong!


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I want to be sure Season 2 is filled with what is most interesting and valuable to you. Share your favs to let me know what more you want. AND let me know specifically as well!

Thank you and see you afresh again soon!

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