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If I picked up the phone to give you a ring, and immediately upon answering {after the awkward “who in the world is this” clarification} asked you to recite your StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths, what would you say?

While I have yet to cold-call-fire-drill anyone yet, responses I have heard include…

….er, uh, hm…
…oh yeah, there’s something about achievable harmonics…
…oh, I’m so bad at this…I might be able to find them here somewhere…
…[silence, sheepish grin]…
…oh funny, yeah, um, you’d think i’d remember that from last week…
…I used to know them!…it’s been a while…
…is that the one with the letters, like D-I-J-T…or something like that?…

Often people can list a couple or a few.

To be fair, on occasion, they come up with all five.

But, for the time-starved, multi-prioritizing folks out there (all of us?!), remembering this list of 5 words falls quickly the bottom of the priority bucket.

If you have been around Isogo for awhile, you know the power that a Strengths-perspective can have in our work, our managingour marriagesour parenting.

I mean, the nerdy details of the StrengthsFinder 2.0 technical report are what pushed me over the edge to join the movement of spreading the power of a Strengths-perspective in the first place.

Seriously — 12.5% increase in productivity, 14.9% decrease in employee turnover, 8.9% increase in profitability. Really?!?! If this is true, I thought, then every organization and individual should know about this.

And if that was not motivation enough, the personal impact is equally as profound. People who work in their strengths zone every day are 6x more engaged at work (a.k.a. they love what they do) and are 3x more likely to report living out a high quality of life.

It’s like a direct connect to well being and happiness all around!
Strengths Startup Weekly Insights
But (shocker ahead) just taking the StrengthsFinder or even engaging in a half-day workshop experience, is not what produces these types of results.

These types of mind-blowing and inspiring results (and more, unique to you) are only realized when you fully lean into, utilize, celebrate, and sharpen your Strengths. (And, as it turns out, those around you as well).

Every day.

That is why the #1 first step to using your Strengths is to remember them. We talked back in Episode 17 about posting your StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths somewhere you would “remember to remember them,” and read them every day.

But let’s be honest, sometimes even things that are in front of me every day fail to capture my attention or stick in my memory. Case in point, when’s the last time you memorized the back of a cereal box? You might see it every morning, but I bet the last time you studied it enough to have it memorized was back around age 10.

Today on Episode 29 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I am sharing the Surefire Way to Remember Your Strengths AND How to Use Them. This is an activity that comes straight out of the word picture from Episode 1 and uses both your body and mind to make your Strengths really stick.

It is fun and will get your creative wheels flowing…and impact your everyday well-being.

So, let’s dive in!

See, wasn’t that a fun way to bring your Strengths to life and really remember the details of your unique talents??

As I mentioned in the video, I created a simple activity that you can print out and use to assign the points to your Strengths Star. It is set up to use as an individual or as a team.

If you’re a manager, this is a great 5 min activity that will get your next meeting off to a fun and creative startsetting you up for soaring productivity (and keeping the Strengths-perspective alive)!

StrengthsFinder Star Stretch Free Activity

So, click here to download the activity or just stand up and stretch to remember your strengths and how you use them—and bump that well-being and productivity up a notch today!

This STAR STRETCH is also a part of our 9 Steps to Life-change Through Your Strengths Blog Series. So, you can check out the entire 9 Step Blog Post here (with a free checklist) and/or the details on the Star Stretch (Step 4) by this blog post here or video round-up here.

What other ideas do you have about a good way to remember your Strengths and the way they best show up in your life? Did you assign your Strengths to your Star?

I would love to know what you came up with. Or, if you’re struggling to make it work for your Strengths, reach out and we can try together. You can connect with me at FacebookTwitter, or this handy contact form!

I really would like to meet you or help.


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One of the best places to join the dialogue is over on our Facebook Group – Energy Up, Frustration Down by Strengths. You can also comment below! Ask me a question or leave an insight, and I’ll get right back to you.

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