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9 Steps to Life-Change Through your Strengths {Checklist}

You have taken the StrengthsFinder but nothing changed around you? 

This FREE Checklist is for you if...

  • your StrengthsFinder results are filed away or at the bottom of an "organized" stack
  • you were jazzed by your results but then weren't sure what to do next 
  • you see your Strengths in your life but don't get how they are helpful going forward
  • you ever had the thought -- so what??

This FREE CHECKLIST will help take your Strengths (and energy!) to the next level!

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This Checklist gives you THE 9 STEPS that will turn your StrengthsFInder Top 5 Strengths into life-changing agents for you! 

In this StrengthsFinder FREE Checklist, you will get:

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9 Proven Steps in one place

Use your own StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths, by following these 9 straightforward, but life-altering steps.

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Practical "How To" Action

Use the action-oriented "how-to" insights as you mark off each step.

StrengthsFinder Becky Hammond Isogo

After years of trial and error and some professional insight along the way, I finally realized that there is a systematic way to get to life-change through your Strengths. 

I whole heartedly believe that the way you are ALREADY wired is your path to dramatic life-change in your relationships and work. It has been for me, and I want you to experience the same.

becky hammond | founder | isogo

StrengthsFinder 9 Steps Checklist
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