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“Daddy, daddy…is this the right foot?”

This is what I overhear as I write, even this very moment.

The rhythm of work, family, health, friendship ,and worth is altogether.

delicate and hearty,
perplexing and freeing,
defeating and enlightening.

StrengthsFinder Parenting boys

Our crazy family rhythm is a bit on the syncopated side. Sometimes it is right on beat, and most of the time it is a little off here and there, trying to catch up to the tune that marches on.

There is work-from-home and work-from-ship to manage. There are friends to see and posts to write and videos to shoot and clients to help and teams to manage and youngsters to mentor and books to read and journals to write and paper crowns to decorate and floors to clean.

There are early mornings and late nights.StrengthsFinder Parenting Rain

There are work days and adventure days. There are trips to the store, trips to the gym, and more {and more!} trips to the store. There are naps to arrange, clothes to be cleaned, and oh so many meals to be made. And preschool, it seems, aggravatingly starts on time every day!

And then in the mix there is this thing called Parenting.

Before I was one, I don’t think I ever really considered Parenting a thing. Read a few books, add in a dose of prayer and life with kids soars. Right??

Even 5 short years in, I know that is absolutely not right.

Unearthing the best concepts from the wisest experts {this and this are a couple of our favorites} still leaves us a bit befuddled at night—as we crash into bed, stare at the ceiling and wonder—are we doing this right??

Recently, I have become friends with a colleague, who is much further down the parenting road than I am. His grown kids have seemingly entered the world as responsible, loving, and successful adults. And from a distance, I have observed and stood in awe by the way he has guided them to this end.

He says his first came out “chill.” The second, a “barracuda.” The last was “born smiling.” Now, 20+ years later, the first is the one planning ahead for family gatherings to “avoid train wrecks.” The second, “street wise” and assertive. And the last has never met a stranger.

Could it be that our first few DAYS of life predict what is to come?


If that is the case or even partly so, then the clues to success as a parent come not from the formula of the wisest books but from our ability as parents to uncover and unleash the natural tendencies of our kids.

And that is what my friend and colleague has done.

He has used is own exacting and observant Strengths {Individualization, Discipline, Analytical to be exact!} to pull out the natural Talents of his kids. Each set of Talent makes up a unique blend, and each one has required a slightly different approach in order to marry the best of his own Strengths with the Strengths of his kids.

Today on Isogo TV | Live & Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, Episode 26, we dive into this topic of Parenting. I share from my experience and the insight of those much more successful than I, The ONLY Parenting Strategy That Works.

StrengthsFinder Bring Need Tool

It is not about a prescriptive 1-2-3 program, but rather it starts with something much more natural, comfortable, and intuitive.

This perspective has made all the difference for us.

And it can for you, too.

I’ve seen it in others around me, and I’m certainly at the dawn of living it.

So, let’s dive in!

So, where to from here?

First, take to heart the activities I share at the end of the video above. It is a fantastic way to start drawing from the most parenting powerful tools you already have.

If you want help thinking through it, let me know. Happy to help.

Second, you have a chance to explore further with a fantastic book just released by Mary Reckmeyer. She takes the StrengthsFinder concept and overlays the role of Parenting—for both your little kids and your older ones. She really does an excellent job. She pulls stories from parents who are in the muddy trenches and provides some clear action from a similar perspective as I shared in this week’s video—a guide, not a prescription or one-size-fits all.

You can get access to the book right here :: Strengths Based Parenting: Developing Your Children’s Innate Talents

I have a copy at my house and am not being paid or compensated by them to say great things about it. I’m just glad it is available for us!

So, enjoy this week of parenting from your unique set of Strengths. Our Strengths are not just for our work, but for our kids, too.

If you’re just starting off on this journey and WANT to live that life-changing story by the power of your brilliant, natural Strengths {because you DO have them!}, a great place to start is with Strengths Startup. I created Strengths Startup as a launching pad for understanding the nuances and edge of your brilliant Strengths.

StrengthsFinder + Strengths Startup Ad Image

With Strengths Startup, you will receive a 6-week email series that is completely customized to you and your Top 5 Strengths, starting off immediately—today—with the insights and power of your #1 Top Strength. This could be the beginning of life-change for you at work and at home.

I want to help you succeed and grow—through that increased energy and decreased frustration that is possible through understanding and wielding your most natural Strengths.

Images captured by the amazing Marie Clark.


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This book & this book are 2 of our favorites
Strengths Based Parenting: Developing Your Children’s Innate Talents
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StrengthsFinder Bring Need Tool

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