ITV 132 | Success Map 2021 with Murray Guest {Episode 4 of 5 :: Taking Action}

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I will always remember the first time I heard that it takes 28 days to set a habit. The HR director at my first job out of grad school was trying to compel the sales team to think differently about taking notes.

Instead, I decided to try the theory out on teeth flossing. For 28 days, I religiously flossed. I felt victorious. I had established a new habit. And it was a good one.

The only problem came in on the 29th day. I didn’t floss. Nor did I consistently for…ever. Truthfully, I’m still hit or miss.

How could I do something so religiously, consistently, and joyfully for 28 days and then completely drop it?

15 years later, here’s what I suspect… 1) I didn’t see the long term connection to my goals and 2) I didn’t tell a soul about my new habit.

For action to stick, it has to be connected to meaningful goals and attached to human accountability.

Just maybe if I had known these two things, in addition to the 28 days, the flossing would have stuck.


World-wide leadership and team coach Murray Guest and I are thrilled to sit down with you again this week as we walk through the Success Map 2021.

This week it’s all about taking action on the goals we set {on page 3 of the Success Map}. You’ll hear:

  • Big goals do best when they are chunked down to actionable steps
  • A reminder that doing ALL of the things just makes every day overwhelming
  • You need to enjoy the process of achieving your goals
  • A talk through the difference between accountability and support
  • The centrality of bringing the RIGHT person alongside you and your goals

So, watch+listen below or catch the show on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, or Stitcher.

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You’ve now made it through almost ALL of the Success Map 2021 and setting your vision and action for the year. If you’ve missed any, check them out here:

Next week, we get to sit with you one final time for the best episode of them all — a chat about your mantra or words for the year — and I promise you it gets real as Murray and I both share the power of our own words for the past an into 2021.


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