ITV 129 | Success Map 2021 with Murray Guest {Episode 1 of 5 :: Setting the Foundation with the RIGHT Mindset}

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Toward the end of last year {eh, hem, remember 2020??} a friend shared this line from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings with me, and it hit my soul in every way. It captures what the growth mindset is all about:

His grief he will not forget; but it will not darken his heart, it will teach him wisdom.

That’s what 2021 gets to be about. Not about recovering from trauma of an unexpectedly challenging year, but about gaining wisdom we never would have had without it.

Murray Guest and I would be honored to be your coach as you launch the year, so we made a way for us to get together every week for the next 5 weeks.

We sat down together {from over oceans} and walked through the Success Map 2021 journal, just like we would if we were sitting across the table from you.

Your leadership matters. Your intentionality about this year — envisioning all you want it to be — will bring wisdom and awesomeness to it and to your TEAM. We have seen the best leaders do this.

And since you’re a leader who gives a damn, you can too. Maybe you’re already on your way.

2021 you got nothing on these amazing leaders. Let’s do this together!


  • Learn the foundation-setting mindset that is a must for your best year of leadership yet
  • Unpack the importance of growth mindset in the wake of 2020
  • Hear the stories of others awesome leaders who have thrived under this crucial perspective

So, watch+listen below or catch the show on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, or Stitcher.

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Next week, use the growth mindset as your launching point for Pages 1 and 2 of your Success Map 2021. Let Murray Guest and I be your coaches and guide through the first step — reflection on 2020.



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