Top 5 Blog Posts + Podcasts of 2020 {There are some good ones!}

top posts of 2020

There was jaw dropping. There were tears. There was discomfort and sorrow. There was fatigue and walls being hit. And, there, in the midst of it all, there was laughter. There was a reach for grace. And we all met there.

You all voted by tuning in, by clicking, by listening, by watching, by sharing in stories and growing and learning together.

And here they are, the Top 5 blog posts + podcasts of the year!


tyann osborn ep 109

ITV 109 | Strengths in Crisis with Tyann Osborn

She and her husband are sitting on the porch, watching deer approach as the sun sets over the flat, distant horizon. In a previous version of life, TyAnn Osborn might have been on a plane, flying from one speaking engagement to the next. The pictures are so different. Home vs away. Reflective vs always-on.

LWGAD wellbeing self-care 125

ITV 125 | Lockdown Leadership: 5 Themes That Shine {Theme 5: Wellbeing + Self-care}

At first, when her gym closed down, the adrenaline of the uncertainty was enough to get her out of bed in the morning. But as the weeks and then the months wore on, her routine slipped. From 5 days per week to 3…to hit and miss. And that is not all that slipped.

erin passons isogotv

ITV 111 | Strengths in Crisis with Erin Passons

Within a matter of a few days, much of Erin Passons’ future client work slipped from her schedule like rain droplets down a car window. And within a few weeks, her natural energy for life — that has always come so easily for her — started slipping as well. This dramatic turn in life and work, it’s nothing short of damn hard.

wellbeing using strengths ep 128

ITV 128 | Wellbeing in Crisis Using Your Strengths {Personal vs Professional You}

Your professional YOU and your home YOU are the same YOU. Bringing your best at work requires that you bring your best at home, too. But that’s not always cut and dry.

connectedness ep 101

ITV 101 | Make Relationships Easier with your Connectedness Strength

There is a purpose for everything, and the Connectedness strength has the insight to know that all things are…well connected! You can find the purpose for everything. While some may see your perspective as unrealistic or starry-eyed, you are a visionary and that is so necessary and appreciated.

success path 2021


virtual coaching with murray guest

Walk through the 2021 Success Map with your {favorite} personal coaches — Murray Guest and myself. 🙂 Catch the podcast in January and beyond to for a personal tour and best practices to walk through the 2021 Success Map.

Get a jump start by downloading the free 2021 Success Map here.








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