ITV 125 | Lockdown Leadership: 5 Themes That Shine {Theme 5: Wellbeing + Self-care}


At first, when her gym closed down, the adrenaline of the uncertainty was enough to get her out of bed in the morning.

But as the weeks and then the months wore on, her routine slipped. From 5 days per week to 3…to hit and miss.

And that is not all that slipped.

The disrupted morning schedule, the loss of the commute time, and the amped up hours at work left her without her usual margin to think, take in a podcast or two, and get in her regular connection with friends.

She was margin-less, exhausted, feeling poorly about her body and her psyche, and it was affecting everything she did — as a leader, as a spouse, as a mom, as a friend.


Maybe you’ve seen it in the leaders around you…In the midst of a world of uncertainty, the best leaders are still thriving. So how are they doing it??

That’s what the series is has been about.

This is the final episode in the series, so if you have not caught all 5 episodes, and you lead anyone at all, you’ll definitely want to go back and get caught up.

Murray Guest and I have the privilege of working with some amazing leaders, and these 5 themes are the things that they BEST leaders are doing right now.

So far in this series, we’ve delved into stories and strategies from leaders who practice grace and kindness, who choose to communicate well, who prioritize individualization,  and who pursue clarity.

Today, you’ll be hearing about the importance of leadership self-care and well-being…even in a time where everything feels so tumultuous.

We define it, share some stories, pass on the best practices we’ve seen and even leave you with a couple ways to practice it in your own role as a leader.

So, watch+listen below or catch this EPISODE 125 on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, Stitcher or Spotify.




This one really spoke to me personally, so following in the footsteps of some inspiring leaders, I have taken some personal strides to try to reprioritize wellness again too.

I hope that this series has been an encouragement to you as a leader and that you have taken the challenge to truly implement small changes in your habits so that you can truly be the inspiring leader you are meant to be.

If you gained inspiration from this episode about Leadership Self-care then you will love our program, Leaders Who Give a Damn, where we take these concepts even further.


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