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She and her husband are sitting on the porch, watching deer approach as the sun sets over the flat, distant horizon. In a previous version of life, TyAnn Osborn might have been on a plane, flying from one speaking engagement to the next.

The pictures are so different. Opposite in some ways. Home vs away. Still vs moving. Reflective vs always-on.

Yet, it’s not all roses and reflection.

In some ways, it’s about survival, about getting through the day with grown kids back in the house, about making sure everyone eats today, about coming up with new streams of revenue to keep the family afloat.

Yet, there is time for the porch. For family dinner. For meaningful questions. In a way that wasn’t accessible just a few weeks ago.


We are taking a few episodes away from our scheduled series about the 34 CliftonStrengths to talk about Strengths in Crisis.

The goal is to help each other cope, to share tools and resources, to encourage each other to persevere, despite of and within a coronavirus-impacted world.

We all have the tools we need to thrive, through the power and intentionality of our unique strengths.

In today’s episode — Episode 109 — I sat down and chatted with TyAnn Osborn — from the rural plains of Texas to the remote mountains of Arizona!

My jaw dropped as she described the impact the coronavirus had on her business and her home.

And yet then, to hear of her position of grace for her clients and her kids and even herself — as they figure out which way is up and reflect on what really matters — I was so encouraged.

She even leaves us with an incredibly helpful and practical activity for starting to move out of the state of overwhelm.

You are in for a treat with TyAnn Osborn.

So, watch+listen below or catch this EPISODE 109 on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, Stitcher or Spotify.

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See? Such an encouragement on so many levels — practically and emotionally.

One of my biggest takeaways was how much intentionality it takes to truly live through a lens of strength in crisis. I mean, we all act from our natural talents, yet to really use them to help us thrive, that takes noticing and asking others and being willing to try it.

TyAnn Osborn is an incredible consultant and coach, and you can just imagine what a great speaker she is on the grand stage, can’t you?!

You can connect with her on her website or over over LinkedIn or Twitter.

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