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I’m your host,

Becky Hammond.

You and I gather here on this podcast to fixate on strength in our families and on our teams.

Because when we start from assuming strength, we can make relationships easier.

Interviews, StrengthsFinder® Q&A, Tips, Tools & Resources. It's here for you.

As a leader in your team or in your home, you know the challenges. You can feel burnt out, spent, and like you’ve tried everything.


Join the Isogo TV podcast to learn how to regain energy, connect with your team, be present with your kids — all by accessing what is ALREADY true about you. Your strengths.

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"Connects the dots between strengths and relationships!"

Becky connects the dots between strengths and relationships like no one else! Isogo TV podcast is my source of fresh, inspiring strengths content on relationships, especially in marriage and family.

Kathy K.
Isogo TV Fan

"A place to understand our family and co-workers better."

Thanks for bringing context to our strengths. Your podcast gives us that place to practice this new language and hear other strengths perspectives to understand our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors better. Thanks for the work you do!

Isogo Strengths Fan

"Love the tips for showing up with more confidence and energy."

I’ve been a subscriber of the ITV video podcast for a couple of years and love the tips for showing up to life and work with more confidence and energy! It’s great to see there is now an audio version so I can listen in places I don’t want to be looking at my screen!

Isogo TV Fan

"New frameworks for thinking about my strengths."

Becky, the host, consistently gives me new frameworks for thinking about my strengths. She is practical and easy to understand. I love the digestible length too!

Lisa C.
Isogo TV Fan

"A podcast for the whole person, at work and as a mom."

It is so refreshing to listen to a podcast that speaks to my whole person - both personally and professionally. Isogo TV (and Becky!) understands that I am one holistic person who's strengths don't change between settings or environment. Its messaging ministers to my whole self!

Caitlin K.
Isogo Podcast Fan

"Energy, insight and interesting interviews."

I have been a long-time follower of Becky’s StrengthsFinder podcasts and have learned so much about myself! She brings energy, insight and interesting interviews. I also like to share them on Facebook.

Sharon E.
Isogo Podcast Fan

"Strengths for all of life."

Practical and inspiring ways to inject Strengths into all areas of life and be the best you!

Muz G.
Isogo Strengths Fan

"Insightful and helpful for my own strengths."

I was driving while listening to the podcast. I immediately hit pause on my Apple Watch, and tapped on the Evernote Icon and recorded a voice note so I wouldn’t forget. Simply brilliant. 

Ricardo M.
Isogo Podcast Fan

"Awesome approach and resources."

I just discovered isogostrong.com and have watched a number of your videos…. I love your approach and your resources!

Susan M.
Isogo TV Fan

"A highly recommended listen!"

The key take away from the Balance series for me was the lens shift of aiming to achieve a fine-tuned, personal rhythm rather than juggling for balance. As an achiever, this new mind frame reminds me to tone down the desire to always be accomplishing something, a desire that can lead to burn out or feeling like I am never enough.

Bre E.

"If you are feeling discouraged in your family like I was, then here you can find hope and a clear path in how to overcome."

I was increasingly worried about where we could be headed and I needed to figure out how to reconnect with my husband - nothing else in my life was more important to me. To say I was hungry for help and some kind of plan would be an understatement. The problems with understanding each other, poor communication and lack of a plan were serious hurdles. I came across Becky’s content online, and I was hooked - I felt so encouraged by her content on marriage and I had a total “aha!” I just knew that somehow using my strengths was going to play a part in helping get me things back on track. Becky has a genuine, caring and professional demeanor that I appreciate in her delivery of content. This isn't just another lightweight program with a bunch of fluff. It is the deep-dive I needed. If you are feeling discouraged like I was, then Becky will give you the hope and sense of possibility that you need. And a clear path in how to get there.

Tiffany T.
Wife, Mom, Professional