Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn {Free video series Roundup}


I just wrote a story about a leader who is really pretty horrible {inappropriate comments, zero time for getting to know his people, blatant gender bias}. It’s a true story. He leads a team right now. And has for years.

But I deleted it.

In such an extreme case, it is obvious that he doesn’t give a damn.

It doesn’t deserve the air time.

But what about the little things? The little things in your everyday leadership.

Do they add up to caring — truly and heart-felt — for your team? Or do the little moments in your daily leadership add up to point to something else — that maybe you don’t really give as much care as your team needs to thrive??

In the case of the deleted leader above, there are people leaving his team, including the best of the best managers, on a regular basis. He writes it off — yeah, we can’t pay enough.

But, like other great leaders, you probably know that money is not everything for most people.

How you lead matters.


And because it’s about the little things, sometimes all it takes are little tweaks to be the leader that inspires {Instead of that leader who reminds you of Clark Gable straight out of 1939…”frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”}

This past summer, Murray Guest — the co-creator of Leaders Who Give a Damn online program — and I put on a series of FREE videos/podcasts together to share what we’re seeing the best leaders do in this crazy year.

They are doing a lot of the same things they have always done — communicate with clarity, truly care about people — yet in crisis and uncertainty, they are going the extra mile, and we have stories to prove it.

The whole series about Lockdown Leadership is also now available on Leaders Who Give a Damn on YouTube.

This series originally aired as a podcast series. If you’re an Isogo TV subscriber, you can also catch them all on the blog or your fav podcast player:



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