ITV 127 | Wellbeing in Crisis Using Your Strengths {Interview by Kat Rippy}

strengths for wellbeing

I was completely wiped. Kids were up in the night. Work and school and moving across the country each walked their own tightrope, and I was holding all the lines.

The last thing I wanted to do was pull myself out of bed at 5AM to workout. And, I knew that would be the case, so the night before, as I wearily pulled out my tank and shorts, I also rev’d up my competition bone. If David was doing it, I was sure as heck not going to let him workout without me.

That did it. He rolled out of bed…so I did too.

And, as is always the case {though somehow at 5AM I cannot convince myself of the logic} I felt better all day. The tightrope lines felt closer to the ground—to safety—and my strength to hold them was bolstered.

All because I pointed my strengths at wellbeing.

{That’s the CliftonStrengths of Arranger and Competition to be clear}.


And, it’s not just about exercise and physical wellbeing. It’s about your whole self, your overall wellbeing.

This series is inspired by the work of a colleague and friend from San Diego, who leads CEOs to more energized leadership and teams.

She runs a program on Leadership Wellbeing, and recently she put out an entire series on Wellbeing over at Everyday Leader Podcast. If you don’t already know Kat Rippy, you should definitely connect with her there.

In this episode, Kat interviews me about the power of your Top Strengths to impact your wellbeing…and how to get back to being well if you find it has slipped.

You will hear stories and strategies specifically for leaders and teams to capitalize on your strengths to boost your wellbeing.

So, watch+listen below or catch this EPISODE 127 on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, Stitcher or Spotify.

strengths for wellbeing



Check out Episode 126 about the 3 Keys to Wellbeing from the Best of the Best Leaders, if you haven’t seen it already.

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Do you know what advantage your greatest strengths give YOU in your everyday wellbeing?

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