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In some way, your life today does not look like the life you led just a few weeks ago, pre-coronavirus.

I know mine doesn’t.

Here I am sitting in a cabin in the mountains instead of an apartment in DC.

There’s change and stress and this sense of crisis all around us, in a new way that very few of us have ever experienced before.

And on a GLOBAL scale. It blows me away.

Leaders and families around me are reacting with such diversity to a world in coronavirus. I’ve heard a sense of hope and resilience, and I’ve also heard the fear and overwhelm taking over.

So I find myself thinking, what can we do to help each other cope, to share tools and resources, to encourage each other to persevere, despite of and within a coronavirus-impacted world.

And that’s what this series is about. To help each other.


We are taking a few episodes away from our scheduled series about the 34 CliftonStrengths to talk about Strengths in Crisis.

I KNOW that we have the tools we need to thrive during this time–as uncertain as it is.

We’re all equipped to get through it in different ways, through the filter and power of our strengths.

So in these episodes, you will hear from some amazing business owners, healthcare leaders, coaches, and friends, as they share their perspective and stories about living through Strengths in Crisis.

We’ll be wrestling with questions like: what does it look like to know and really take advantage of the things that are strongest about you during a time of stress? How do those strengths help you thrive? How do they also make things worse sometimes?


In today’s episode, I get to kick off this series by sharing my story of strengths in crisis and what it has looked like to use my strengths to navigate well…and not so well.

So, watch+listen below or catch this EPISODE 108 on iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, Stitcher or Spotify.

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There’s my coronavirus story. At least as it stands right now.

It’s a story of what it looks like for me to feel anxiety rising—to feel stress—and to either allow my talents to run me over or to take intentional control of them and let them help me overcome the anxiety instead.

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