Two Preschool Lessons That Have Changed My Life | Isogo TV Episode 25

StrengthsFinder Preschool Differences

Preschoolers are absolutely dumbfounding—in both the most outstanding and the most hair-pulling ways.

Besties and Enemies. Doling out hugs and playing sweetly one minute to fire-breathing dragons the next.
Fear and Fearlessness. She will not play a piano ditty for her Papa but she will gladly take her 3 year old brother beyond the front gate and into “the neighborhood” {yes, that did happen.}
Helpful and Unresponsive. Cheerfully filling a water cup for dinner, followed by a seemingly deaf response to come to the table.

StrengthsFinder Preschool Differences Sideways

Even in their bi-polar newness to this world, they cannot help but be themselves. Their patterns of thought, feeling and behavior ooze from them in the most natural of ways. And turns out they are so, so different from each other.

She is at first hesitant, offering her true friendship to a trusted few. He, her best friend, gets a thrill from new places with new people. They are only five years old.

He is full of ideas, carefree, and slow to warm up. His buddy is articulate, caring, and obsessed with weed-wackers. They share the same birthday, only three years ago.

These kids are as different and unique as their DNA and environments may belay. And somehow, they are OK with it. They accept each other and themselves—in their uniqueness.

StrengthsFinder Preschool Differences Silly

Of course, they live life on the brink of their moment of enlightenment. But, for now, the only thing they can be is themselves—the way they were wired to be.

And love others as they are as well.

If only we could live through such a pure view of ourselves and others. Yet, somewhere along the way, way past the moments of kindergarten enlightenment, name calling, and comparison games, we become altered. We want to fit in and succeed how we see others succeeding, forgetting to live out our most natural states of success.

Recently I have realized that there is a lot to learn from preschoolers. And there are some lessons that we should just re-learn once again. {AND there are some that, turns out, I already teach to grown adults!}.

StrengthsFinder + Strengths Startup Ad Image

Today on Episode 25 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I am sharing Two Preschool Lessons that Have Changed My Life. They have altered the way I think about the frustrating interactions in my life and given me a perspective that has the power to eliminate them.

I’ve seen it in the people I work with {and my preschoolers!}, and I’m living it. So join me to explore those lessons of the younger years!

You may already know that the language I use to describe Strengths in this video is from the Gallup StrengthsFinder. It is my hands-down favorite tool to identify that natural wiring that Daniel Tiger himself acknowledges. StrengthsFinder makes a lot of intuitive sense, is easy to use, and is backed by years of science.

Whether you already know your Top 5 Strengths or still need to name them, you can take the next step in achieving thriving success, more energizing moments and less frustration—right now.

I am thrilled (really!) that Strengths Startup offers you that tangible next step for your customized next step toward intentionally living those unique Strengths of yours. Check it out here!



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