First 2 Steps to Using Your Strengths | Isogo TV Episode 17

You are going to be blown away by how EASY this is.

We have now reached the time of year when the resolutions we made just a few weeks ago are already struggling to hang on to their resolve.

Be it the 5AM alarm clock that seems to be a ridiculous hour compared to the energy it held last week, or the giant sized mound of Brats at a BBQ you attended last weekend, perhaps we aimed too high, bit off more than we could chew—are in over our heads.


Perhaps those things, that are already slipping into the dark bucket of “tried that”, are those things for which one of the three key agents of change is tragically missing.

  1. Motivating Desire
  2. Doable Plan
  3. Reliable Accountability

One year, as an act of solidarity with my homeless neighbors in downtown San Diego, I decided to give up my bed covers.

It was winter.

Granted, it was not Portland, Maine, but we did sleep with our windows open. And my side of the bed was right by the window. Like two feet away.

It was cold.

But so were they. And that is what kept me going. That Motivating Desire, deep conviction about change.

And, the Doable Plan was straightforward, allowing me the simplicity I needed to make it happen. Double fold the warm down comforter over onto David and drift off to sleep thinking of the homeless men and women on the other side of my window.

There were times I woke up shivering. There were times everything in me screamed to pull those blankets back over my freezing shoulders and give it all up.

But I didn’t.

Largely because I had the Motivation and the Plan. And when those seemed about to fail, I had Accountability. People who knew my desire and asked me about it, followed up with me. And, most notably, did not enable me by throwing the blankets back over me to cut out the teeth-chatter.

The change agents behind a decision to USE your own, unique STRENGTHS to make this year your most successful yet are much like those behind that slightly insane commitment I made a decade ago.

There has got to be the Motivating Desire. Who do you want to be? What impact do you want to make? What role do you want to hold? What next step is due?

StrengthsFinder LifeChange Checklist Ad Image

The most effective and efficient path toward the end of any of these questions comes directly through the lens and use of your own Strengths. By understanding and wielding them effectively and appropriately.

Then, there has to be a Doable Plan to really put those Strengths to work. Using a tool like StrengthsFinder to reveal your natural talent is a great first step {and you can do that right here if you want}.

But, it’s only a first step. It is not an end.

Rather, it is part of the plan.

Today, in Episode 17 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I share the First 2 Steps to Using Your Strengths. And, seriously, they are WAY easier than you would think. So, that makes them part of that Doable Plan. AND, within those steps, the necessary Accountability starts to work itself in, too.

So, join me for this practical episode, just in time to really make something out of those resolutions!

I am pretty stoked about one way you can begin to keep those Strengths of yours in front of you in the next several weeks. You can start right here with Strengths Startup.

This is a bundle that includes the Gallup StrengthsFinder® AND Strengths Startup directly from me. StrengthsFinder zeros in on your natural talents and Strengths Startup is a 6-week customized email series that helps you begin to put Your Top 5 Strengths to work. If you’ve already done the StrengthsFinder assessment, you can get Strengths Startup all by itself {click here and scroll to the bottom to get access!}

So click on the infographic below to get started.

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Let me know what questions you have. I cannot wait for you to experience the energy and success you crave as you discover and develop your Talents…today!



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