How Opposites Can Strengthen {or Ruin} Your Marriage | Isogo TV Episode 18

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She was giddy about him. She was literally glowing.

They had worked in adjacent offices all along, yet somehow, just now they were discovering each other.

An extra-long glance.

An unexpected flutter.

And now, he was leaving orange slices on her desk. Subtle, yet dramatic, for this cautious mover.

And so, so intriguing to her. Naturally confident, talkative, engaging, with a full, brilliant presence about her, his observant, calculated style was captivating.

As the orange slice turned to coffee and jazz and trips to uptown, her heart was bursting to know his inner world. She, an open book, shared deeply though carefully, as to match his tempered eyes. Yet, inside, and to her closest friends, her mind and words were whirling in his romance, strength, gentleness and budding love.

His letters entranced her. He spoke to the deepest parts of her need and her most open receptors of love. There, he penned the words of his mind and heart which met her enthusiasm with equalled depth and commitment.

They were in love.

She—confident, intense, talkative, connecting, in the strong pursuit of excellence. He—calculated, in-tune, skeptical, ordered, in the soft pursuit of consensus.

They were in love, and they were opposites.

And they loved their opposites.

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Years later, today, those opposites still remain. And OH do they remain!

In the height of conflict, they rear their ugly heads—captivation turned to aggravation and intrigue turned to dumbfound. Calculated and internal are indecisive and impossible-to-know. Confident and engaging are know-it-all and over-the-top.

Yet, still, in the depth of connection between two committed to love, it is their opposites that add the strength and wisdom to their bond. It is in their opposites that they truly thrive.

Better perspectives. Better decisions. Better parties. Better hospitality. Better reflection. Better parenting. Better date nights. Better trips to Disneyland. Better worldview. Better gifts. Better Grace.

Better together.

Better than they could ever be on their own.

Today, in Episode 18 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, How Opposites Can Strengthen {or Ruin} Your Marriage, I explore the pattern of opposites in relationship and marriage.

There is verifiable truth to the adage that opposites attract. But then what?

What happens when the music of first-love fades and all that is left are the two of you and a handful of opposites that were once so thrilling and now threaten to drive a wedge and divide? Can it really be that those same aggravating opposites are really the key to a stronger partnership? A stronger and more fulfilling marriage?

Yes, definitely.

These friends of mine are not the only ones who have experienced this opposite strengths phenomenon. I’m certainly living it, too. So will you join me?

Let’s dive in.

So where to go from here? Do you already know that the two of you are opposites, or do you sense it but have not put a language to it?

The only way to become greater together than you could ever be on your own is to start to concisely identify those differences and the needs that sprout from them. Only then can you begin to appreciate those Strengths—those opposites—one day and one deep-breath-moment at a time.

So, know your Strengths and the Strengths of your closest loved one.

I’ve made a way for you to do that here. And not only will you know your Strengths through the StrengthsFinder, you will also receive Strengths Startup—a 6-week customized email series that helps you begin to put Your Top 5 Strengths to work. If you’ve already done the StrengthsFinder assessment, you can get Strengths Startup all by itself {click here and scroll to the bottom to get access!}

So click on the infographic below to get started.

Strengths Startup ad image

So, do it.

You will not be disappointed. In fact, you’ll be blown away.

Marriage Strength


Let me know what questions you have…about marriage or about the Strengths Startup. I cannot wait for you to experience the energy and success you crave as you discover and develop your Talents…and opposites…today!

photo brilliance credit to Melissa Jill & the fabulous wedding
of this amazing Organizer {associated story not hers!}


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