Isogo TV | Episode 6: How We Saved Our Marriage

Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast
with Becky Hammond

My “strengths journey” began in our kitchen. And it started with a conflict.

It was not a one-off type of conflict that escalates and resolves, but an over-and-over type of conflict. The type that starts off trivial and then quickly spirals out of control.

David and I got married over spring break during our Junior year of college.

We were young and determined and extremely optimistic.

He enjoyed sleeping in, playing world-domination video games, introducing me to the cult movies I missed as a kid, turning in papers at the last minute, and shooting commercials in LA.

I enjoyed morning classes, journaling, a good cup of coffee, a competitive game of bump-out, and spending way too much time in the library.

Together, we enjoyed talking into the night, wrestling, concerts, and 29 cent cheeseburgers from McDonalds.

We could see nothing wrong with charging full speed ahead.

Seven years down the road, we had experienced a lot and enjoyed the ups and downs of doing life together in our twenties. We were thrifty adventurers and adopted a motto early on–no regrets.

There was this one thing, though, that kept coming back to trip us up. It was more common and more frustrating than either of us would have wanted to admit at the time.

We were standing in the same kitchen, seeing drastically different perspectives. And, well, it wasn’t pretty.

In Episode 6 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I tell you the story of our kitchen conflict. I explore its root and the power that the perspective of seeing each other through a lens of strength had in turning that conflict around–to the imperfect but understanding and freer marriage that thrives today.

Will you join me and watch Episode 6: How We Saved Our Marriage?

If you’re interested in the written story, I shared it last year over at reCreate of the fabulous Sarah Davis, and I write on the ins and out of family life over at our our family blog.


What about you? Do any of your relationships experience the dumbfounding conflict that ours has? What has worked? What has not? Will you share your story with me?

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Photo credit 2009, the fabulous Melissa Jill.

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