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StrengthsFinder 5 ways Focus on Strengths

How do you start your day? Do you begin with a checklist or just start your day knowing what you need to get done? Does it revolve around yourself or around others?

Is it usually positive?

If you are already familiar with the StrengthsFinder language, then you know how positively life-changing that a daily Focus on Strength can be.

The most common response to the StrengthsFinder and your new-found Top 5 Strengths, though, is many people get them, read about them, and then go on about their life without giving them a second glance. That is why we’ve put together a list of 5 ways to help you Focus on Strength–yours and the Strengths of others, to really move towards the life-changing impact StrengthsFinder can offer….because, if you do not do take at least one simple Strengths-action per day {or at least per week!} life-change can not happen.

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So, take a look below and choose one of these 5 ways to Focus on Strength. Then use one today, or this week, and begin to experience the life change StrengthsFinder can offer you and your family, friends, or colleagues.

1 :: POST them in a place you HAVE to look at them

What are they locations you cannot avoid in your daily life? Whether it be in your house, at work, or elsewhere, find a place to post your Top 5 Strengths. Put them on a sticky note, or frame them in a place you pass by or look at every day, and then intentionally LOOK at them. Use some of these ideas below to get an idea for some obvious, and not so obvious places, that really get your Strengths in front of you everyday:

  • Put them on an index card that can fit in your wallet, so every time you reach for your credit card you can glance at it
  • Frame them and put them in a place you pass by or see everyday {at home or at work!}
  • Write your Top 5 Strengths on a sticky note and keep it on your computer screen or keyboard, so that you have to move it {& look at it!} before you can start work
  • Take a whiteboard marker and write them on your bathroom mirror for a daily reminder
  • Make them your phone’s wallpaper so you know you’ll look at them everyday

2 :: WRITE 3 positive words

Here is one you can do to focus on Strength even without having taken the StrengthsFinder assessment!

What positive words would you or other people use to describe you?

Pick three positive words and put them in front of you for the week. Place them on your computer, set a reminder in your phone, or write them down and put them on your desk or nightstand.

Then, look at them. Everyday.

Use these three positive words to refocus your mindset to your Strengths for the week, and see how it impacts you and those around you. Repeat them to yourself to help you through challenging moments or read them to offer you a motivational push to finish your day.

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3 :: CALL OUT Strengths in another person

For this one, instead of looking at your own Strengths, look at the Strengths of someone close to you. Whether it be your spouse, a colleague from work, a good friend, or even your child, take a moment to let them know how much you appreciate they way they are naturally wired.

Maybe it’s the way they are always willing to lend a listening ear. It could be how they offer structure and order to every situation. They may bring a confidence to make decisions seamlessly and effortlessly.

Whatever it is, call them out on how positive and enriching it is to have them around because of who they innately are!

Over in our Facebook group, we pause every week to be sure that we remember the Strengths of the people around us — for Celebrate Sunday! We’d love to have you join in on the conversation and use it as a reminder to celebrate the Strengths of those around you too! Join the Energy Up Frustration Down By Strengths Facebook group.

4 :: PICK ONE of your Top 5 Strengths

Choose one of your Top 5 talents and intentionally focus on how it is praised {or maybe even criticized} for the week.

Once you pick your Strength, think through how you use it daily, or don’t use it and why not. Do you usually get praise for how efficiently you can get tasks done? Do others turn to you to help neutralize tense situations because you do so with ease? Maybe you fill others with inspiration through your words, or you offer your spouse realistic possibilities of what could be that they love to hear.

Hone in on what praises you hear and why they are benefiting those around you. If you are effectively using your Strength, have it dialed in, then you are truly optimizing your talent. Where you see or hear criticism, maybe you are under or over using your Strength. Use this time you’re focusing on your Strength to really understand how you use it, and how others interpret it.

One way to get more detailed and personalized insights about what your Top 5 Strengths are alll about is through Becky’s Maven Insights into your Strengths. Her clients–both from the corporate world and the home world–are raving about the Maven Strengths Insights email series. She sends you 5 personalized emails that help you see the uniqueness of each of your Strengths and how you might best thrive when using it. Check it out!

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5 :: SHARE with someone

The last way to focus on Strength is to share yours! Share with your spouse, close friend, or maybe even a co-worker what your Strengths are all about. What do you bring to your relationship with your spouse? What kind of things do you need to be successful at work?

An easy resource to help with this is the Bring It | Need It FREE Tool. It is a compilation of each of the 34 Strengths with a short statement about what each Strength brings and what each one needs. Get it for free here.

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These 5 ways to Focus on Strength are not a step-by-step process, and you do NOT need to tackle them all. Choose ONE of these 5 strengths-actions to make measurable progress on the well-being you feel at home and the energy you feel at work!

{When you do start to incorporate one of these Strengths-actions, we’d love to hear about how it went or what happened. Connect with us over at our Facebook group!}

Today’s blog post written by: Annie Elliott


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As always, one of the best places to join the Strengths conversation is over at our Facebook Group — Energy Up Frustration Down by Strengths. Join us as we all try to figure out just how to use our Strengths to impact the most important things around us—in our work and life.

If you’re thinking about the way a Strengths-perspective could impact your marriage or your family or you’re just not so sure about it all, reach out, and let’s connect about it. You can catch me at FacebookTwitter or Instagram, all at @isogostrong, or by this handy contact form.

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