Identify What is “Off” {balance series 3 of 8} | Isogo TV Episode 48

StrengthsFinder Balance 3 of 8 Feature

In a world that keeps a frenetic pace, managing all the pieces feels like a fast-paced game of Jenga—one wrong move and the whole thing will topple! We see the tower, building up in front of us—and we feel the weight and complexity of it growing—yet we cannot quite see that one piece that feels off balance.

In this third Episode of our 8-part Isogo TV Miniseries on “Balance,” we take a step back to look at that Jenga tower in our own lives.

Through the lens of our Strengths we ask ourselves —in our own family and work rhythms, what feels off balance? What feels “off”?

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In Episode 48 of the Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, you can expect to:

  • Gain insights into what your Strengths might have to do with assessing your feelings of un-balance in life
  • Hear from the story of a VP who was only able to find what was “off” through her Strengths
  • Challenge yourself to take a step back and assess what is off balance for you

{Throughout this Balance Miniseries, we will be referencing the FREE Balance Checklist, so be sure to get yours at}

If you missed either of the first two episodes in the Balance Miniseries, be sure to check them out—the first about redefining our definition of “balance” and the second about setting an enticing vision!

You can also read all about the changes and value we have planned for the entire Season 2, right here. We couldn’t be more excited about a Season that is tailored-made for you!

Be sure to follow along with the FREE Balance CHECKLIST & Tips…and use your Strengths to achieve Balance in your life!

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Next week, in Episode 49 we chat through a specific exercise that helps you determine exactly what energizes you and what drains you in your daily life—at home and at work. So be sure to join us again for the Balance Miniseries 4 of 8 next week.

See you next week on Isogo TV!



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