The Balance We Are All Looking For {balance series 1 of 8} | Isogo TV Episode 46

When I asked you about the largest struggle or challenge in your lives right now, over 70% of you responded with a resounding need for Balance!

Isn’t that the truth?! I certainly have that same need and desire in my life. It is an everyday struggle between the needs of equally deserving priorities. Striving for it keeps my candle burning into the night and my nerves a bit on edge at times!

One thing that I see so very clearly in each one of our pursuits for Balance is that there is no ONE way to achieve it.

Balance looks different for every family and every individual—at work and at home!

As we dive into our first Isogo TV episode of Season 2 today, we see that a sense of Balance might not actually be the most effective GOAL at all. Join us to discover an even better end-game to strive for!

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In Episode 46 of the Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, you can expect to:

  • Learn that the foundational definition of our pursuit of Balance has more to do with our daily Rhythm than it does the balancing act of competing priorities
  • Create your OWN definition of Balance in your own work and home life.

{Also, through out this Balance Miniseries, we will be referencing the FREE Balance Checklist, so be sure to get yours at}

This was the first Episode in Isogo TV Season 2. We couldn’t be more excited about a Season that is tailor-made for you!

If you missed yesterday’s post about the take-home value and a few key differences differences to expect in Isogo TV Season 2, be sure to check that out here! Everything that has changed {or stayed the same!} is based on your feedback.

Thank you for providing your thoughts—they are so valuable to us!

This week, as we start our ITV Balance Miniseries, we begin with a FREE Balance Checklist! So, be sure to follow along with the FREE Balance CHECKLIST to use your Strengths to achieve Balance in your life!

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Next week, in Episode 47 we get to visualize YOUR perfect sense of balance. It’ll be a fun one, especially for all the dreamers, schedulers, and ideators out there!

See you next week on Isogo TV!



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