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Use Your STRENGTHS to Create Life-Balance {FREE CHECKLIST}

StrengthsFinder Balance Checklist

Create Balance in Your Life {BALANCE CHECKLIST}

Is the balance of work & home an elusive dream?

This FREE Checklist is for you if...

  • you ever struggle with "making it all happen"
  • you want a meaningful and effective work-life balance that meets the needs of your family AND lets you continue to succeed at work  
  • you struggle with keeping pace
  • you just feel overwhelmed by all the roles you have to manage

This FREE BALANCE CHECKLIST will help you zero in on the best ways to use your Strengths for a greater sense of balance in your life!


This Checklist gives you 8 ELEMENTS of creating a work-home balance that works for your StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths! 

In this FREE Balance Checklist, you can expect:

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8 Actions for Creating Life-Balance

Follow along with these managable, incremental moments to create balance through your Strengths..

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Your Source for MORE on each element of Balance

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Becky Hammond Family Balance

When I heard from the Isogo community that their biggest struggle in life right now has to do with that elusive sense of BALANCE, I could not have resonated more personally. 

Balancing a house full of kids, a growing business, a fabulous marriage to nurture, and all the ins-outs-and-expectations that come with all of those things is no JOKE. 

In fact, a true BALANCE is not only elusive…it’s impossible. 

But through our Strengths, I KNOW we can all create a unique rhythm of work and family that works uniquely for us!

becky hammond | founder | isogo

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