the FIRST Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast

When I discovered my “strengths” via the StrengthsFinder assessment in 2007, it changed my life. It wasn’t just the “knowing” that changed me though, it was the “doing”.
It was fun to read descriptions of who I am jump out of the page. To see evidence of the methods behind my success and my challenges.
But, it wasn’t until I DID something with them that was transformational. For me, it started at home (in my kitchen!) with my husband and moved on to my management of a team of vastly different personalities and lenses.
Its power was palpable.
These days, in my conversations with managers, team leaders, engineers, sales reps, medical providers, entrepreneurs, moms, dads, I see that it is in the choice to DO something with their Strengths that provides either the catalyst or the stall-out.
And, more often than not, it’s a stall-out.
StrengthsFinder was an interesting and insightful tool that lasts for a day, or maybe a week. But then, uncertainty about HOW to put Strengths into action or think about using them slips in. And your Top 5 Strengths get pushed back onto the bookshelf of personality and psychometric tools.
We stop at knowing and don’t move to doing.
This week, I am addressing the stall out. I am helping you dust off those Strengths (or reveal them for the first time) and give you some practical tools to activate your Strengths in your life.
Today, I am more than thrilled to post Isogo’s very first video podcast— Isogo TV | Live & Work Your Strengths Video Podcast. Episode 1.
Through these weekly video podcasts, I will help you DO your strengths—to apply your greatest strengths to your everyday work and your everyday life. 

Today, in the 9 min video above, I start off the conversation by sharing the paradigm we all must understand and operate from if we are going to do what energizes us most as we excel toward success. Will you grow your Strengths with me?
Let’s dive in!
I am climbing up a steep learning curve on all this techy stuff, but we’re getting there! We decided to use PodBean to help us manage everything and set up a YouTube Channel and iTunes Broadcast as well (well, it iTunes will be live in a few days!). So subscribe to your favorite broadcaster to get instant notification of each new episode.
Please comment below and let me know what’s useful and what’s needed. Tell me how you can relate or if you have any questions or ideas about a future episode of Isogo TV Live & Work Your Strengths Video Podcast. I’d love to connect with you.
See you next week!

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