Isogo TV | Live & Work Your Strengths | Episode 2 You’re You

All she needed was hot chocolate and diet coke to feel right at home. This week, we stocked our frig and our shelves in her memory and her honor.

Last Friday, September 11, my mom’s body finally succumbed to the ravage of cancer, and she breathed her first celestial breath at 8am that morning.

We’ve had this 2nd episode of Isogo TV: Live & Work Your Strengths Video Podcast scheduled for some time now. This week, as we have cried and laughed and mourned and remembered my mom, it has struck me how true she was to her unique wiring. The encouragement and messages we have received from countless friends and family has been so incredibly consistent from one person to the next. My mom was a humble, generous, even-keeled, creative, servant.

And it is so true. She lived what she was hard wired to be.

The fact that she could host 60 people without breaking a sweat, always be true to her word, and wake up before daylight to do something for others–that’s her being her.

For the most part, those are things she did not get to choose about herself every day. It was just my mom being the best version of herself.

As cliche or vague as it sounds, we are who we are.

You’re you.

This week on Episode 2 of the Isogo TV: Live & Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I share insight into just that.

Like my mom, some things are just hard wired. So how do we use things we did in childhood to impact what success we have today??

Join me by watching…let’s explore!

So how about you? Will you consider using this with me this week? Comment below to let me know your thoughts, questions and how your strengths–those hard wired things–impacted your life and your work this week.

P.S. After our first episode, some people have asked how they even start this “Strengths Journey”. How do they go about discovering what their Strengths really are? There are all sorts of clues in your everyday life that can point to Strength. The one practical tool I love to start with is StrengthsFinder. Check it out and take the assessment at


Against all the odds of this week, we made it through posting in week 2! Thank you for reading, watching and connecting with Isogo TV. You can subscribe on You Tube or now find “Isogo TV LIve & Work Your Strengths Video Podcast” at iTunes Podcasts, so subscribe to your favorite video feed to get your weekly Strengths update. See you next week!

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