Awkward Outtakes and The ONE THING You MUST Believe About Yourself | Isogo TV Episode 45

Strengths Finder Outtakes EP45

Strengths “envy” has never been so real for me as it is during one of our Isogo TV shoots. There have been multiple occasions that I have halted out of sheer exhaustion and feelings of complete inadequacy.

Seriously, another take? Why can’t I get the words out in the right order, in the right way? {Thus the birth of the ridiculously awkward and hilarious outtakes below…}

It is to the essence of this very feeling (for all of us) that this episode of Isogo TV points. Our talents—our natural patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior—are the core and essence of who we are and the route to not only our success, but also our well-being and energy.

Sometimes though, those very things can be our source of greatest frustration or criticism of ourselves.

This Episode of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, is our final episode of the first year of Isogo TV! And I want to leave you with a few things. One is hopefully a good laugh along with us as we have fun working through my most awkward restarts, strange faces, and strangely motivating singing by David. The other is about the core of who you are!

Specifically, in Episode 45, you can expect:

  • Ridiculous and awkward outtakes from among our first 44 episodes
  • A final word from this first year of Isogo TV
  • A reminder of the mission of Isogo…and how it includes you so dearly.
  • The ONE thing you must remember about yourself if you’re interested at all in life-change through what you’re already wired with
  • A goodbye for now as we regroup and get back to you from NYC!

So, I’ve stalled long enough…enjoy the application and the fun we have outside the cuts!

As you know if you received my email this past week, we are in the process of moving from Coast to Coast. {Check out #C2C16RoadTrip on Instagram to check out the ins and outs of our 30 day family adventure}. As you watch this Episode, we are getting settled in New York City…the new home of Isogo and Isogo TV…for now!

Before I see you again in the next Episode this fall, consider joining the new community on Facebook that is all about the real, life-changing stories that can happen through our unique, brilliant Strengths. Join in for stories of real people using their strengths in real ways and a community that can help us all get there. Even the skeptical or unconvinced. See you there!

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I will also add a few of my favorite resources and tools in the links below for your use as you take your Strengths from inside to outside—to create increased energy and less frustration in your everyday work and everyday life.

Until next time…coming to you from NYC very soon!! Be Strong!


Links & Resources from Today’s Episode

Your FREE Bring It | Need it tool – Discover what fuels your Strengths
Get Becky’s Insights into YOUR Top 5 – The building blocks of your Personal Brand
Know the Essence of Who you Are – Customize your very own Personal Brand
Strengths Startup from Isogo

StrengthsFinder Transcript

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My little ask?

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Can’t wait to join you again soon…to see what is in store in this coming year through your brilliant Strengths!

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