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StrengthsFinder Personal Brand Course

Use your StrengthsFinder Top 5 for the life-change you crave.

Take your StrengthsFinder Strengths beyond the report and into a practical, perspective-altering statement that has the power to change the way you approach your work and home -- for more energy and less frustration at every step.

A Story From Becky

About Your Dynamite Personal Brand

A Video Workshop-Coaching Experience

Are one of these things true of you?

StrengthsFinder Personal Brand Course
  • You have days when you feel empty or defeated-- like what you have to offer is not what the world needs.
  • You are not experiencing the type of get-met-out-of-bed energy that you wish you did.
  • You often find yourself frustrated with the people around you (boss, colleague...spouse!)
  • You see yourself in one light (let's say a blue light) and then one day you realize that the people around you see you in an entirely different light (maybe a disco ball??)
  • You want to make a bigger difference in your role as a manager or leader.
  • You have taken StrengthsFinder and are not experiencing life-changing effect.

If so, this Experience is for you!

(I know I have felt this way!)

Rave Reviews

for the Dynamite Personal Brand Experience

The Dynamite Personal Brand Experience was so incredibly helpful. Sometimes when I feel useless or a little lost in my direction (like when I’m not as busy with work or personal life), I flounder and get unsure of things.

But going through the Experience was a reminder of why I can feel “empty” sometimes. I should ask, have I put myself in an environment where I can have these “needs” met? Usually the answer is no. Like, I really want someone to invest in (Developer Strength)…but guess what, they won’t be knocking on my door, so I need to put myself in a situation that will facilitate that.

This course gives the confidence that we usually know the right answer, because we have these built in Talents, but we need someone to hold it up in front of us in order to realize it.

Michelle Kuiken | Business Owner | Professional Organizer

I have seen & read my StrengthsFinder report several times, but it was like reading it for the first time after first considering how others see me, and then using Becky's jumpstart terms as a clarifying lens.

As in, not just "right, right, I need to approach it step by step and be friends with people at work"--eye roll--but "oh, no wonder people tell me they love it when I'm the charge nurse. I look organized even when I'm not feeling it, because I have a predictable way of approaching things and make sure everyone is feeling the importance of their own contribution, getting what they need to meet the expectation!”

I had an a-ha moment that developing Strengths is not so much about "getting better at" my Talents--which, really, felt pointless to me (how does it help to get better at Empathy? I'm already good at it! Should I work on harmony by starting a kum-ba-ya session at our staff meetings? Ugh!)

Rather, it's about creating or seeking out the environment in which my strengths are valuable to others and thus, appreciated by those around me.

Lissa Walton, BSN, RN, MSN | Nurse Educator

What You Will Love to Get

in Your Dynamite Personal Brand Experience

StrengthsFinder Module Becky Hammond

Six Professional, Relaxed, Workshop-Coaching Style Video Modules with Becky

StrengthsFinder Workbook

8-Page Original Workbook to follow each Module and develop the pieces of your Dynamite Personal Brand

StrengthsFinder Brand Example

Video & Written Examples of other Dynamite Personal Brand Statements

StrengthsFinder Course Site

Easy to use, Private access to the Dynamite Personal Brand Site

Money Back Gaurantee

Money Back Guarantee -- If you are not thrilled with your Experience, Becky will refund every cent

This same series of coaching conversation with me runs you a upwards of $750 and a face-to-face workshop experience is in the thousands. I totally get that is out of reach for most of us.

For the entire Dynamite Personal Brand Experience, it's just $147. 

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