Neutralize Your Weaknesses AND Boost Your Energy with these 4 Specific Strategies :: Part 2 | Isogo TV Episode 44


From birth, we are taught to emphasize weakness. We don’t say it quite like that…but if you stop and listen for a moment, you see it.

Sentiments from parents that start out like this…

He cries much more than my first baby.

See your sister sitting there nicely, why can’t you do that?

Why won’t you talk to people who ask you questions?

In adolescence turn to…

You got a C? No games until you get that grade up.

Your room is a complete disaster, why can’t you seem to keep it straight?

You really need to work on meeting more people. It’s not healthy to keep to one friend.

And in adulthood haunt us as…

I am a fake.

I am not up to this.

I have never been able to keep up.

Our learned emphasis on fixing our Weaknesses is devastating to building unique brilliance in each of us—in each of our kids, our clients, our employees.

In contrast, when we emphasize what is RIGHT with people, our individual brilliance shines. That’s what the Strengths-perspective is all about.

But what about when there is something about us (or the people around us!) that is really getting in our way? It is disruptive to you, destroys relationships, interrupts projects, drives others crazy?

That, my friends, is a verifiable weakness. And, despite our emphasis on Strength, it MUST be addressed. It cannot be ignored.

This week on Episode 44 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, Neutralize Your Weaknesses AND Boost Your Energy with these 4 Specific Strategies :: Part 2, we look these weaknesses straight in the face. And, we will learn that addressing weakness can be more fun than it has ever been before…because we do it all through a lens of Strength.

Last week, I shared the first two strategies that start with you and your Top 5 StrengthFinder Strengths.

In today’s Episode, you can expect to:

  • Learn the last two of four research-backed strategies for mitigating Weakness.
  • See how sometimes our Weakness will be best addressed as we move beyond ourselves and involve other systems or even other people.
  • Get some great stories of how these strategies have played out for me and my clients and friends.
  • Have a practical couple steps that you can apply to your rough spots today!

I turn the conventional wisdom for addressing our weaknesses is turned on its head, and it makes all the difference. {Oh and I reference our super cool and super helpful infographic for partnership — Strengths on the Bus…so be sure to check that out after the vid as well!}

Let’s dive in!

So, what do you think?? Which of the 4 Strategies do you need to start today, in order to neutralize your weakness while still boosting your energy along the way?

  1. Do you need to grow your Strengths?
  2. How can you Control the Volume of your Strengths to be more effective?
  3. How can you use a system or tool to Mitigate for your Weakness?
  4. Or perhaps even more energizing, who are the go-to people in your work or life that would make great partners for you? How can you help them see the value you offer to them in return?

On that last point, and as I mention in this Episode, you can understand most about your Strengths and potential partners in your life by getting laser clear on your Seat on the Bus—knowing how your Strengths complement the Strengths of the people around you.

I have a fantastic FREE INFOGRAPHIC for you that lays out the four StrengthsFInder domains and gives you an excellent visual for understanding who make your ideal Partners (and what your unique contribution is along the way). The Infographic has received amazing feedback and has already started to aid in the change the dynamics of teams around me.

Strengths Bus FREE Infographic

I hope you take me up on the FREE INFOGRAPHIC and start putting partners into place to neutralize your weaknesses while boosting your energy!

I want to help you succeed and grow. So, connect with me with any questions, excitements or skepticism you have…I’d love to connect with you over on Facebook or Twitter, both @IsogoStrong or by this handy little contact form.

Until next time! Be strong!


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