Isn’t StrengthsFinder an excuse to suck? | Isogo TV Episode 32

StrengthsFinder Excuse to Suck

The good doctor has NO Relationship Strengths. Poor guy.

By looking at his StrengthsFinder Talent Themes:


…you might assume he has a questionable bedside manner. Or maybe he’s a researcher. Or one of those surgeons who leaves the relating-to-patients aspect to his assistants.

He could certainly write off the relationships with the assertion that he is wired for being a brilliant thinker and hard charging executor and would leave the relationships to others.

After all, that’s what he is naturally “Strong” at, right?

But instead, everyone (including him!) was surprised to find that he is void of any of the natural “relationship” oriented Strengths in his Top 5.

He is a meticulous, brilliant, honest surgeon, but what he is acclaimed for by his patients is his genuine care for them. And he cares for them through wielding his natural wiring, not by writing it off, or trying to be something he’s not.

StrengthsFinder Excuse to Suck Example

Perhaps Learner drives his curiosity about the patients he works with and the makeup of their families and dreams. His Strategic & Maximizer could paint a picture of the level of excellence that is possible for his patients and their families as they face a physical impairment that they cannot see beyond. His Deliberative Strength has already considered the risks. He understands the delicate balance of family and the unexpected challenges of life, so he sets out an honest and yet hopeful course for them.

And, all of a sudden he has achieved genuine care. He has touched them. Without a single Relationship Strength!

Today, in our Q&A Episode 32 on Isogo TV :: Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I get the fun challenge of answering a question of the naysayers out there. A favorite challenge of mine! This week I share my direct and yet friendly response to the question “Isn’t StrengthsFinder just an excuse to suck?”

Yes, this is a question I have heard more than once!

I drive home a common misconception about the Strengths-Perspective and approach to development and give you a straightforward way to proceed when you are “lacking” Strengths in an area you need.

Similar to the good doctor and to myself as well, lack of Strengths is no excuse, so let’s explore!

Isn’t this just the best? We really can be MORE through our Strengths without shirking the responsibilities that come from the areas of our lesser strength.

As you’re exploring HOW to neutralize weaknesses while leaning into your Strengths, feel free to consider some of these other resources that walk you through steps to:

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