StrengthsFinder Volume Control Resource LP

{STRENGTHS} Control that Volume!

StrengthsFinder Volume Control Free Tool

Neutralize Weakness AND Boost Your Energy!

Know how to control the VOLUME of your Strengths.

Use your StrengthsFinder Top 5 to...

  • get to the bottom of the frustration you feel in your role
  • uncover a REAL way to mitigate for your weaknesses (yes, we all have them!)
  • make the type of contribution you really desire in your team or role
  • be sure ALL your Strengths thrive in your work and life

This FREE TOOL will take your success (and energy!) to the next level!

“Until I sat down with this Volume Control tool, I had no idea why my contribution was not seen as significant to my team. I was new but thought I was doing well. When I recognized that my Activator Strengths was in "underdrive" I saw so clearly something I had never recognized before--and this was my opportuntiy to prove that my contribution really is valuable.  

Such a great a-ha moment for me."

Engineer| StrengthsFinder Isogo Team Training


This Volume Control Tool gives you THE most effective word picture to bring your StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths from the Theoretical to the Practical. 

USE Your Strengths for more energy and less frustration!

In this StrengthsFinder FREE Printable, you will get:

StrengthsFinder Volume Control Thumbnail

Volume Control Word Picture

A visual metaphor for using your Strengths to neutralize weakness & increase energy & contribution

StrengthsFinder Volume Control System Icon

Step-by-Step Table

Walk through your Top 5 Strengths systematically to uncover the Volumes and of your most natural Talents.

StrengthsFinder Becky Hammond Isogo

When one of my trusted and brilliant colleagues introduced me to the concept of Controlling the Volume of our Strengths to actively use our Strengths in our everyday work and lives, I was ecstatic. 

This was JUST the word picture I had been looking for to bring StrengthsFinder Top 5 from the theoretical and nice-to-have to the practical and usable. 

Check it out today. If you are looking for a next step with your Top 5, you will get so much out if it--I'm certain!

becky hammond | founder | isogo

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