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Turns out that there was shame involved.

I always thought something was wrong with me. Why don’t I set goals? Why don’t I make lists? Why don’t I fit in with my family? Why do they question my approach to life…so much? There must be something wrong with me.

Last month, I had the opportunity to work with a fabulous group of 45 women that was unlike much of the corporate world I frequent. They opened themselves up to uncover and discover their StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths, and explore the depth and beauty of their most natural wiring.

We laughed a lot, shared significantly, and struck the heart chord of many.

Among the revelations and a-ha moments, it was the voice of one lady who stands out to me, even now, as she described the shame and question she has felt throughout her adult life, never feeling like she quite measured up.

Her Adaptability strength has confounded her husband and her kids.

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She was trying to make plans and make lists and stay on task—like they said she must do to be successful—yet as much as she tried to do these things, the wiring of her mind and soul was leading her elsewhere, and it was driving her most cherished relationships crazy.

And she had determined, “there must be something wrong with me.”

Toward the close of our time together last month, I introduced one of my favorite word pictures and tools for taking the new knowledge of our Strengths to the next, action-oriented level in our lives. As she and the rest of the group sat and reflected and planned, she realized the shame and insecurity that was keeping her Strengths from their strongest value.

Those crazy-making thoughts, feelings and behaviors she had were actually Talent that she could turn-up, refine, and use to realize her own thriving success, energizing moments…and less frustration among her family, friends, and colleagues.

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Today on Episode 31 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I am sharing this same word picture and tool we used in our workshop experience last month (and that I frequently introduce among corporations and individuals alike!) that will get to the bottom of your lack of energy and frequent frustration in your everyday work, and everyday life.

This Ultra-specific Way to Experience More Flow + Less Frustration at Work (or Play!) is game-changing in the way you take the KNOWLEDGE of your Strengths and turn them into tools you can wield for more thriving, more energizing moments and less frustration.

I’m also offering the activity today so you can jump right into making your Strengths work for you. So see below for that FREE StrengthsFinder printable download too.

This video is practical and fun and action-oriented, so let’s dive in.

So, what do you think? Do you resonate with the blasting beat or imperceptible notes of Taylor Swift? Or those earbuds on the freeway or in the subway?

As I mentioned in this week’s video, I not only want you to know this word picture, I want you to USE it. So, that’s why I’m including this one page FREE printable activity that you can use to guide your reflection and action on the Volume of your Strengths.

Volume Control
This printable is set up with directions and questions so that you can use it on your own or in a team. Either way you use it, its results absolutely provide a path for ways to apply your Strengths for more thriving success, more energizing moments and less frustration in your everyday work and everyday life.

It will give you concrete ideas on where you should spend your time, redirect your energy, or adjust the Volume for max well-being and productivity in your everyday work and your everyday life.

So, click here to download your FREE Volume Control activity and move toward more flow and less frustration today.


In the meantime, as you explore your own Volumes, I’d love to hear from you or help you.

This Volume Control idea and activity is ALSO a part of the 9 Steps to Life Change Through Your Strengths — you can check out more details about the Volume Control Step (Step 5) here, the entire 9 STEP Process here, and/or check out the Facebook Live Video conversation recording at this round-up post here. It’s all free and has the potential to be life-changing for you!


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One of the best places to join the conversation is over at our Facebook Group — Energy Up Frustration Down by Strengths. Join us for weekly chatting, complaining and commending, as we all try to figure out just how to use our Strengths to impact the most important things around us—in our work and life.

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