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StrengthsFinder Team Domains Infographic


Know your seat on the Bus!

Use StrengthsFinder "Seats on the Bus" for teams who...

  • have trouble getting along
  • don't see eye to eye
  • work with a bunch of slackers
  • work with a bunch of hard asses
  • need more energy and less frustration

This FREE INFOGRAPHIC will disrupt your next team meeting for the good!

“The Strengths concepts I have been trying to drive home to my team for 2 years FINALLY became clear. When I printed this out for each person on my team and talked through the bus, it was the first time they really "got it." That was a huge step forward in reducing the frustration for all of us."

Current Coaching Client | Manager of a 6 member team


THE most effective word picture and descriptions about StrengthsFinder Domains all in one clear and fun INFOGRAPHIC. 

In this StrengthsFinder Infographic, you will get:

StrengthsFinder 4 Domains

34 Themes in 4 Unique Seats

A visual summary of the StrengthsFinder 34 Talent Themes / Strengths

StrengthsFinder See Each Domain

See Each Seat

Gain a clear understanding of the role of each seat on the Bus.

StrengthsFinder Team Leader

Dynamic Next Team Meeting

Lead an awesome conversation with your team about Eradicating Frustration for good.

StrengthsFinder Values Needs Explained

Value & Needs

Recognize of the Value and Needs of the four team seats

StrengthsFinder Becky Hammond Isogo

I've been there--Frustrated. Just trying to do what I do, without seeing the value in what others do. Even with my team now, so many times I want to jump to conclusions or think that I need to do it all or be a certain way--when, really, I can only lead from my own seat on the bus.

Join me in the challenging, rewarding work of eradicating frustration from our teams!

becky hammond | founder | isogo

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