3 Steps to Craft Your Energizing Personal Brand | Isogo TV Episode 42

Personal Brand

Can you describe the ESSENCE of who you are in ONE succinct statement?

I know I couldn’t. I kinda fumbled around to pull out things that I thought I was “good at” or looked for buzz words that I know are valued in our world.

It really wasn’t until I created my own Personal Brand, based on the details of what my Strengths say I offer and I need, that I was able to articulate the one sentence that gets at my best route to the increased ENERGY I want in my life and the decreased FRUSTRATION I crave.

This week on Episode 42 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I am sharing arguably THE MOST IMPACTFUL application of the StrengthsFinder language and perspective. We’re talking about Personal Brand—the true essence of who you are.

We are so familiar with the concept of Brand—we see it in everything from our favorite coffee, to our preferred mattress, to the clothes we prefer to buy our kids. Brand is everywhere.

Have you ever stopped to consider that YOU also have a Brand? It is not just for the entrepreneur at heart. We offer our Personal Brand as we walk around in our everyday work and everyday lives—whether we know it or not. Just like the Coffee and Restaurant Brands we know, based on the Brand we carry around, the people around us know what to expect of us.

Do you know what that expectation is—what their perception is of your Brand?? Is it consistent with the Brand that really, truly makes up the essence of who you are?

Well, we are going to unwrap all of that in Episode 42 today. In this episode we will:

  • Explore the concept of Personal Brand
  • Uncover what the implications of Personal Brand are for you
  • Make it super practical to give you 3 steps to craft your own Personal Brand statement.

So, let’s dive in!

So, what do you think? Are you walking around portraying the Brand you are wired to live? Or do others have mediocre expectations of you?

You can get to the bottom of those questions by crafting your own Personal Brand Statement. You really could do that today, with what you have now. Especially with the Bring It | Need It FREE tool that I referenced in the Episode. It’s available right here.


If you’re like most of my clients and friends, though, you might feel like you still need some more insight and guidance. You may have read your StrengthsFinder report and even thought quite a bit about them, but what you have gathered is far from life-changing.

I would love to help you with that very thing—I want to give my professional insights into your Top 5 Strengths to start that movement toward life-change for you. My insights are based on 10+ years of experience, living out the StrengthsFinder perspective, and talking with 100’s of clients about their most brilliant Strengths.

This goes beyond the boiler plate and into the uniqueness of who you are. It can be an amazing stepping stone to crafting your Dynamite Personal Brand.

So, if you’re interested in my insights over the next 5 days, I’d love to share and be even a small part of life-change in you.

Becky's 5 day Insight's

{And once you do that, I have an extremely valuable experience I want to share with you…so hopefully you take me up on my mavenly insights, and I’ll be in touch about the Personal Brand experience thats ‘s store.}
Above all, I want to help you succeed and grow. So, connect with me with any questions, excitements or skepticism you have…I’d love to connect with you over on Facebook or Twitter, both @IsogoStrong or by this handy little contact form.


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Becky's 5 day Insight's

Dynamite Personal Brand

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