Isogo TV Podcast Roundup | Conflict Resolution, 6 Part Series

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Looking for all the Conflict Resolution series in one place? Here is your Conflict roundup!

Over the past 6 weeks, on the Isogo TV Podcast {Audio + Video versions!}, we have been charting out the path toward conflict resolution, by using a proven path and Strengths-based perspective.

If you’ve been following along, you may have detected a pattern: much of conflict resolution begins and ends with you — your reflection, your templates, your strengths, your volumes, your position, your heart, your introspection, your approach, your care.

Admittedly, it takes two {or more!} to have a conflict, but what is within your control is YOU. And, it takes some courage to start with yourself.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” -Winston Churchill

In this Conflict roundup of the Isogo TV Podcast, you will see it all laid out before you. You are at the center of your conflict, and you are in charge of the direction it travels.

Fantastic Reviews of the Isogo TV Podcast

Thank to all of you who have not only listened or watched but also shared your thoughts on the Conflict Resolution series in the Isogo TV Podcast.

Here is what some of the Isogo community is saying about the Conflict Resolution Podcast series:

“I listened to the series as I drove in the car. I kept finding myself thinking, “ok, I need to go back and take notes – this is SO GOOD!” I love that you have offered things to DO all along the path. It is so helpful to feel there is something I can actually do to improve the outcome of conflict situations by pausing to think things through. As you have outlined, there truly are many things that I can do on my own, whether or not the other person is onboard with improving communication during conflict.” 

~ Tiffany T. ~

“I love the format, the length is so doable. I also love that you provide a PDF with your series. The part that stuck out to me was the idea that EVERYONE has conflict, even people who don’t enjoy it. As you say, ‘If you’re human, you have conflict.’ So it’s necessary to examine how we approach conflict.”

~ Caitlin K. ~

“My Achiever strength was getting in the way of resolving conflict. Moreover, everyone on my team is an Achiever too! So instead of ignoring that common ground, my team and I admitted that resolving a conflict in a fair and healthy way is an achievement! Bringing in an agreed-upon third-party to hear the conflict takes real humility. But it is a great way to let others know that you believe their concerns are worth hearing out. And that you are willing to hear the words ‘you are wrong on this one.’ {gulp}”

~ Theresa R. ~

Conflict Resolution Series on Isogo TV: Conflict Roundup

ITV 62 | The Power of Perception in Your Conflict {conflict resolution 1 of 6}

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This week, I have been reminded several times that no matter how rational or analytical you are, our emotions are the strongest driver in our decision making and ability to resolve conflict. When we understand, explore, and harness this, we can walk the first step toward resolving our conflicts.

ITV 63 | Get Past Perception Frustration with a Strengths Based Script {conflict resolution 2 of 6}

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The impact of understanding “perception frustration” helps you get to the end result you’re looking for — Resolve the Conflict or Dissolve the Conflict. Join us on Isogo TV {Audio or Video} to explore this sticky conflict concept and learn a practical activity to help in your next frustrating conflict.

ITV 64 | But First…Your Own Heart! {conflict resolution 3 of 6}

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By inspecting the motivation and position of our hearts, we come to a conversation about conflict resolution with a clean slate and humble state. Inspection is the best predictor of success.

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See below for a live example of what using this Conflict Resolution Path could look like for you!

ITV 65 | Four Strategies for Respectful Confrontation {conflict resolution 4 of 6}

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In conflict, the most effective approach to resolution begins in private. In private you bring safety, trust and a position of respect. And you get a lot farther, quicker!

ITV 66 | The Best Next Step for Overcoming Persistent Conflict {conflict resolution 5 of 6}

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So what if you do all your self-examining and prep, you have the brave, private conversation, and your conflict is STILL not anywhere near resolved? It’s time for the next best step — call in the support of a non-threatening someone else.

ITV 67 | How to Close a Conflict Even When it is Not Resolved {conflict resolution 6 of 6}

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Here’s the thing in conflict. It doesn’t always get completely resolved. You don’t always feel 100% restored. So, how do you move forward? We say, close with care. Hear or watch all about the strategy that helps you close with care in Strengths after your conflict conversation {even if you’re still upset!}.

Example :: See the Conflict Resolution Path + Action Plan in Action

We have been offering a free tool, alongside this Isogo TV Conflict Resolution series, so in this Conflict Roundup, we want to be sure you know HOW you might be able to use this Conflict Resolution Path + Action plan in your next conflict.

Last week, I recorded a quick Live video to give you an example from my own {current!} conflict. So, check it out and get a “how to” in action:

conflict path video image

Hope that helps give you an idea of how YOU can use the Path + Action Plan to walk the path to resolution during your next {or current!} conflict.



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