ITV 62 | The Power of Perception in Your Conflict {conflict resolution 1 of 6}

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This week, I have been reminded several times that no matter how rational or analytical you are, our emotions are the strongest driver in our decision making and ability to resolve conflict. When we understand, explore, and harness this, we can walk the first step toward resolving our conflicts.


  • Understand the power of the emotional + intangible factors in our decision making
  • Learn what an emotional template is + why it matters to your conflict
  • See for yourself the types of emotional templates you have created and the impact they have on your relationships {conflict or not!}

{Throughout this Isogo TV Podcast series, we will be mentioning the companion tool — Strengths Based Conflict Resolution Path + Action Plan — so be sure to pick up your path + chart your conflict + figure out what your next step to resolution is!}



Next week, watch or listen to Isogo TV Podcast to catch the next step on the path to conflict resolution as we examine Perception Frustration and what you can do about it without ever having to vent it.



Links & Resources from Today’s Episode

Discover your Top 5 Strengths with StrengthsFinder + Strengths Startup
Conflict Resolution :: Influence of Emotional Templates
Conflict Resolution Path + Action Plan {FREE Tool}
Read this to “focus your perception” for next week’s episode
{9 Steps} to Life Change through your StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths

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