ITV 68 | Your Strengths + Brave Career Transitions {Interview :: Kathy Kersten}

Get ready for career transition inspiration!

Have you heard a still small voice calling you to make a major change? Have you sensed your life needs a shift — a career transition?

Today in our FIRST ever Isogo TV Interview Series, we are sharing our very first Story of Life Change through the Strengths perspective.

It’s almost not fair to the rest of the interviewees because Kathy Kersten launches this series with vulnerability, authenticity and an in-progress story that will inspire you no matter where you are in your career — and especially if you are facing {or think you should be facing!} a career transition.

So, we hope that you not only enjoy this conversation but are also inspired to take action in your own career!

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Isn’t Kathy’s story so professionally brave?

With over 10 years of experience working with Gallup’s strengths materials and training thousands of people, Kathy has built a reputation as a master at helping individuals, teams and entire organizations align their talents and strengths to achieve peak performance.

And as you see here, she is truly the real deal. You have to connect with her and learn more about her. You can do that over at at



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