ITV 69 | Your Strengths + Marriage Tension Transformed {Interview :: Murray Guest}

When your marriage is great, you’re fully in love, and you STILL find yourself facing moments of marriage tension, this episode of Isogo TV is for you.

You may know Murray Guest as a natural facilitator and world leader in the strengths movement, with his work in transforming organizational cultures. Today, he gives us a treat by sharing what this same strengths movement looks like inside his home, especially in his marriage.

In Episode 69 of Isogo TV, Murray tells the real, day-to-day story of his own marriage tension that has been transformed into a genuine “seek first to understand” love connection between them.

Listen + watch to start this transformation in your marriage tension, too!



Isn’t Murray’s story such a powerful—yet normal—example of what the strengths perspective can do in a relationship?

In the everyday areas that cause you marriage tension, the strengths perspective can enter in to give you a lens and language to not only get through the tension but transform the way you relate to and connect and feed each other.

Murray and his wife Tammy both run thriving, life changing businesses that you have to check out. My favorite spots to connect and be challenged and inspired by Murray and his business are:

StrengthsFinder 34 connect marriage resource



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