StrengthsFinder Marriage 34 Connect

34 Ways to Connect More Deeply with Your Spouse! {FREE RESOURCE}

StrengthsFinder Marriage 34 Connect Tool

34 Ways to Connect with Your Spouse {FREE RESOURCE}

Delight your spouse through these secrets held in their StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths

This FREE Resource is for you if...

  • you want to connect with your Spouse at a deeper level
  • you could use some new, personalized ideas to grow your marriage
  • the idea of secret insight into ways to delight your spouse is intriguing to you
  • you have felt uninspired by the ways you have recently tried to connect with your spouse...or have not tried much at all recently!

The StrengthsFinder® Talent Themes give you direct access to 5 specific ways to connect with your spouse!

Find a Personalized & Delighting Way to Connect with Your Spouse {FREE RESOURCE}

This StrengthsFinder Tool gives you the secret ways to Connect with your Spouse through his|her Top 5 Strengths! 

With this FREE StrengthsFinder Marriage tool, you can expect:

StrengthsFinder Lightbulb moment

34 Secret Ideas

A secret and delighting way to connect with your spouse for each of the 34 StrengthsFinder Themes. 

StrengthsFinder Grow Marriage

Food for Marriage

Use your spouse's unique Strengths to connect more deeply and grow your marriage.

Becky Hammond here! The StrengthsFinder perspective has been TRANSFORMATIONAL in our marriage. 

There are times when I am at my wits end for understanding {or misunderstanding!} David, and the StrengthsFinder langauge really does feel like it unlocks a secret power of connecton we did not have before. 

We have loved using our Strengths to connect more deeply and hope you can too!

StrengthsFinder Our Marriage

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