ITV 70 | Your Strengths + The Content Career {Interview :: Melissa Hereford}

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Here is the proof that you truly can change an overwhelming job or even just a so-so job into the most fulfilling, content career.

In Episode 70 of the Isogo TV Podcast, Melissa Hereford shares the story of her transition from a beloved corporate role, to a corporate mismatch and the misery it caused, to the career that she now enjoys…every day.

Her career went from overwhelming to fully content as she allowed her strengths to guide her away from what was stifling her to a career that gives her freedom to succeed AND truly enjoy what she does every day.

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Melissa’s Story of Strength is relatable and relevant to the ups and downs of your career, and shows you the true power of understanding and following your Strengths–to your own content career.

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Isn’t Melissa’s story so thoughtfully compelling about the pursuit of a content career? I know I was impacted to think differently.

You can get in touch with Melissa Hereford at where she has tons of free resources for you, including a free salary negotiation script to help you ask for what you want and feel great about it!

I am also so excited for the new course that she just launched about building a Fearless Mindset. She knows that the number one factor in your success is your ability to communicate more clearly and influence others to get things done. That ability starts with your mindset. So, click here to explore and join at the intro rate: Melissa Hereford’s Fearless Mindset course.

Also find Melissa on:

Next week, join us for the 4th interview in our Stories of Strength on the Isogo TV Podcast. Annamarie Mann, an expert futurist and strategy-maker, shares with us a four step process that she has followed to experience impact in her Strengths in her personal life, from her own internal dialogue to her marriage and her parenting, too. You’re going to love hearing from Annamarie.

See you there!



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