ITV 71 | Your Strengths + The Process of Personal Impact {Interview :: Annamarie Mann}

If there is a process that leads to personal impact through your strengths, Annamarie Mann has a corner on the market.

Annamarie is a highly sought after independent consultant focused on workplace and human development. She is driven to help others achieve their purpose and potential. This is her sweet spot, and it’s where she gets to operate all day, every day.

Today in Episode 71 of the Isogo TV Podcast, however, you get to see a different slice of her life. Even outside the corporate world, Annamarie’s story has been intentionally impacted by her pursuit of a strengths perspective.

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I was blown away by how intentional Annamarie has been as she has integrated her strengths into her life—for personal impact.

She shares with us a four step process that she has followed to experience impact in her personal life, through her Strengths—from her own internal dialogue, to her marriage, to her parenting.

And what’s awesome…it’s a process that you can use, too.

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Annamarie’s story is so wise and informed. I love how well she shares of her process to personal impact— of what it really looks like to learn to live your Strengths in your everyday life and thrive because of it.

For more brilliant insights and positive moments, be sure to connect with Annamarie Mann over on LinkedIn.

Next week, join us for the 5th interview in the Isogo TV podcast Stories of Strength interview series where we chat with Deana Porterfield about Authentic Executive Leadership. She’s as good as they come, and she has so much wisdom to share.



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