ITV 72 | Your Strengths + Authentic Executive Leadership {Interview :: Deana Porterfield}

strengths finder episode 72 feature deana porterfield

Women leaders, you will not only be inspired by the life and work of Dr. Deana Porterfield…you will walk away with a clarity on what authentic, confident executive leadership is all about.

Dr. Deana Porterfield is the 11th President of Roberts Wesleyan College and the third President of Northeastern Seminary. She is the first woman leader to have ever held either position.

Deana, as an executive in higher education, where women leaders are heavily underrepresented, has used the strengths-perspective in several life-altering ways:

  • To center her leadership in self worth instead of self-critique
  • To come to the table not trying to be something she is not
  • To understand the people who work with and for her, to thrive through the frustrating moments
  • To navigate family conflicts and differences

As you will discover when you join us in Episode 72 of the Isogo TV Podcast, Deana’s life and work have been fully transformed by the power of the Strengths-perspective.

It is like it is as close to her as breathing.

And what I love the most, she shares with us in such a genuine way that you, as a woman leader {or supporting women leaders around you} will see your own path to authentic, effective leadership, too.

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I have long admired Deana from a distance — her drive, her passion, and her authentic leadership. I was honored to sit and chat with her and hear, so personally, of her rise to executive leadership as she pursued the humble path of being herself.

Connect with Deana Porterfield and see the community movement and cutting edge work she is leading at Roberts Wesleyan College at, on Instagram @deanaporterfield, and Twitter @RobertsPres.

Next week, we share a true treat. Paul Allen, best known for his role as the founder of, shares of his journey through entrepreneurship and what he wishes he would have known from the start.



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