ITV 73 | Your Strengths + Getting Unstuck {Interview :: Paul Allen}

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Tech startup genius, brilliant people-manager {though it wasn’t always that way!}, and an all together stand-up family man, Paul Allen, shares his Strengths Story of Change with us.

Paul Allen, known for founding and now, not only shares his stories with us today….

He compels us to believe.

To believe that we can use our strengths to get unstuck, to make a change for the good in our lives, families, work, communities and more.

In Episode 73 of the Isogo TV podcast {video + audio versions}, Paul shares:

  • His own journey in the Strengths perspective
  • How it impacted the way he puts teams together
  • What he wished he would have known earlier in his career
  • How it has impacted the way he connects with his wife, Christy {and all his family!}

One theme was particularly striking: As a high-tempo, successful tech entrepreneur, the “people” side of business used to be a drag and a necessary nuisance to Paul Allen. Now, not only does he tolerate the people — he loves the people and loves the opportunity to learn to manage each person, individually, by their strengths.

You’re going to see the clear connection between “strengths” and Paul’s story of change, so I invite you to join us as we explore his story!

{If you’re looking to up your strengths-based management, grab this Strengths based tool to help bring out the best in each person you manage in your next 1-on-1 meeting}

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You can explore more with Paul Allen over on LinkedIn, and you can get connected with a coach that is the perfect fit for you over at

If you are a coach, I cannot tell you how highly I recommend you join Paul and his team on Their vision is becoming a reality, and you have to be at the front of this with him. I certainly am! {Plus, did you see the announcement??…Soar takes no commission on clients who find you organically on!}

Next week, we are in for a treat. Podcaster and global virtual leadership trainer, Lisa Cummings shares the 180 degree impact she experienced as a young people-manager when she discovered that her team was actually filled with strength…not annoyances!

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