ITV 74 | Your Strengths + People Manager Relationships {Interview :: Lisa Cummings}

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If you are a people manager who wants more productivity from your team and an effective way to navigate interpersonal conflict, you have to meet Lisa Cummings.

Lisa has delivered training & speaking events to thousands of participants in 14 countries — many of them are people managers trying to navigate the ins and outs of relationships while striving for real business results.

She has been featured in places like Harvard Business Publishing, Training Magazine, and Forbes, and rightly so — there is something so real, captivating and completely pro about her — if you don’t know her yet, you have to get to know her.

Today on the Isogo TV podcast, Episode 74, Lisa shares her own story about how the Strengths perspective changes everything in her journey toward being an effective and well-loved people manager.

She shares:

  • The subconscious rubric she had created as a people manager that categorically classified her team members as good or bad
  • The aha moment with one team members’ strengths that turned her from an under-performer to a valued contributor
  • The self-taught process she followed to use more of what was strong about her team members to start achieving outcomes that had seemed impossible to reach

She shares about real relationships, real dynamics, and real business results. All transformed by understanding and applying the Strengths Perspective.

It’s pretty incredible.

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Lisa’s Story of Change through the Strengths Perspective sounds a chord with the way I have viewed people who have worked for me — underperforms with no hope.

In the end, being a people manager is all about the way we see the relationships in our lives — from a perspective of deficit or the perspective of benefit and strength.

Lisa has lived this so well. Here are two great ways to continue to connect with Lisa Cummings and catch more from her fantastic and highly-rated Lead Through Strengths Podcast:

Next week, we have treat in store. Hear from Jamie Librot, a former Gallup super star who is known for her strengths and training expertise. Yet, this time, she shares into her own story of change, where her strengths took hold in personal tragedy.

Stay tuned!

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