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Revive your conversations. Put away your phones. Laugh more. Uncover the unknown.

Use these creative + original Strengths-inspired conversation starters to fuel meaningful conversation in your TEAM, with your FAMILY, or among your FRIENDS!

{Dare to Dialogue}

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Use your DARE to DIALOGUE deck to... 

  • Lighten up a team meeting.
  • Accelerate getting to know each other.
  • Move beyond weather and kids conversations.
  • Find something more interesting to talk about on Date Night.
  • Add meaningful chatting to the crickets at your dinner table.
  • Foster intentional connection during down time on the road.
  • Nurture a Strengths-based culture.
  • Discover the nuances of each other's Strengths.
  • Laugh and connect more!

Put away your phones!  

52 thought-provoking questions! 

You will not feel embarassed to pull out this deck or ask these professional {and fun!} questions.  

And you are guaranteed to uncover stories + strengths + quirks you have never known--even in your closest relationships!

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StrengthsFinder Card Deck Testimonial 1

The Dare to Dialogue cards were a big hit at a recent office staff meeting. The one I chose stimulated great discussion and we all got to know and understand each other a little better. It was good for some laughs too!

Stephen Beals, MD | Business Owner & Medical Director

At a dinner party, I used the Dare to Dialogue card deck and gained more insight and appreciation to my friends' personalities and history. It helped launch us into deeper conversations and formed memories that I cherish!

Lois Churio | Spouse, Mom & Educator 

StrengthsFinder Card Deck Review 2

The card deck has been an overwhelming hit. I use them as giveaways during my StrengthsFinder training classes. Besides lighting up the eyes of the winner, they make the whole team happy because they know they have a tool to keep the conversation flowing after our event.

Lisa Cummings | Founder, Lead Through Strengths | Podcaster & Business Owner 

StrengthsFinder Card Deck Testimonial 2

We love the Dare to Dialogue card deck! We started using them for dinner parties and family gatherings around the table. The questions bring a deeper level of conversation to our meals which brings everyone together on whole different level. .

Amanda Flisher | Self-Leadership Coach, Mom & Business Owner 

Meet Becky + Isogo 

Hi! I am Becky Hammond, Founder and Strengths Maven at Isogo. 

Here at Isogo it is our team's MISSION to:

Fuel Life-Changing Stories Through the Power of People's Unique and Brilliant Strengths

My own life story---starting with my marriage {of 17 years!} and moving into my role as a manager, parent, and eventually business owner---has been dramatically impacted by the power of the StrengthsFinder(R) language and Strengths perspective. In fact, I am certain that I am a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and a praised consultant to both fortune 500 clients and small businesses today because of the impact in my own life.  

So, whether you run an organization, lead a team, put your head down and plug away, or work full time inside your home; if there is something inside you that says that among all the demands of your work, your family is the most important---that when your family is working well, everything else can work well, too---then this place is for you.

We hope your own home and work stories will be impacted as you DARE to DIALOGUE!

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