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How do you set yourself up for maximum success in your career or in your specific role at work? How do you do what you do best—even better??

Today, we are sharing the KEY to ensuring you are set up for maximum success!—by contributing everything that you are truly made to give.


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Just last week, I spoke with a CEO and leader who consistently impresses me. Tom Loeblein not only leads a multi-million dollar healthcare consulting organization, he also lives a life of top-notch, intentional leadership. He leads with overwhelming optimism, big dreams, and an internal drive to understand himself better—all for the sake of helping serve others.

As he pursues leadership excellence through self-awareness and others-awareness, he chose to dive into the nitty-gritty {and enlightening!} details of his Top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths {via Isogo’s Dynamite Personal Brand video coaching experience}. He knew his Top 5 Strengths and even understood them pretty darn well. But what he walked away with gave him a succinct and straightforward path to setting himself up for even more poignant success in the work he does every day.

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When you create your Dynamite Personal Brand statement, you walk away with a single statement that defines the essence of who you are. And it was in that single statement, that Tom found the key to setting himself up for even greater, more fluid success in his role.


StrengthsFinder Personal Brand statementWhat the Personal Brand Strengths Statement Is

Your Dynamite Personal Brand statement sounds something like this:

When I am in an environment where I have…

…I thrive and provide…

Did you know that your StrengthsFinder Talent Themes give you DIRECT clues to the environments that are BEST for you?

Each of your Strengths gives you a separate hint—like a hidden gem—about what you really need in order to thrive and provide irreplaceable value in your organization. And it’s completely unique–custom to you.

Once you access the secret to your ideal environment, you have what you need to ensure that your job, role, and daily tasks are really oriented to help you achieve maximum success–and maybe even more importantly, provide maximum contribution to your team, project, or organization.

With the Top 5 Strengths of Futuristic, Maximizer, Positivity, Ideation, and Activator, Tom’s Dynamite Personal Brand Statement reads like this:

When I am in an environment where I have…
opportunities to brainstorm and the freedom to explore possibilities; where excellence is valued and action is needed; where I have the freedom to enjoy life while working hard

…I thrive and provide…
a vision for what could be; fresh perspectives; simplification and meaningful
application; a unique ability to identify strengths and leverage them for maximum impact; forward motion with a bent towards action, all with contagious enthusiasm.

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By unpacking the nuances of what his Strengths really NEED and what they CONTRIBUTE to others when they are well fed, Tom has accessed an enchanced route to more effective and impactful leadership. And it’s not a cookie cutter answer–it is unique to him!

As he put it so well:

“I realized that if I can create an environment like this, I can do this other stuff even better!”


StrengthsFinder Personal Brand Compass

Your Own Path to Maximum Success in Your Role

Your own path to doing what you do well—even better—can look similar to Tom’s, but with a dramatically different end environment.

Here are a few ways to jump in:

  • You can explore on your own through the FREE BRING IT | NEED IT resource that gives you an idea about what each of the 34 Strengths uniquely contributes and needs. Download your Free tool here.
  • You can jump start your ideas with my own expertise about each of your Top 5 Strengths, by signing up for my Maven Strengths Insights email series. You’ll get 5 emails over 10 days that share my own detailed perspective on YOUR specific, Top 5 Strengths. You can check that out here.
  • Or you can take the same plunge that Tom Loeblein did and join the community of folks who have crafted their own Dynamite Personal Brand statements. Check out the type of impact that others have experienced over here.

Wherever you decide to start on this path to building your own Personal Brand Strengths Statement and uncovering the secret to more success in your role, I hope you decide to make one small step today…and I’d love to be here to help you along the way!

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Enjoy your day, and {be strong}!

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