What Your Strengths NEED | Isogo TV Episode 13

She was still visibly upset.

She spoke from a heart of injustice. She had thrived in smaller, collegial, social environments. But here, where colleagues are rarely friends and “happy hour” is more likely to describe scarfing down lunch at your desk than any post-work activities, she had faltered. Some still thought of her as successful and unique. Others, inept and irresponsible.

Her voice rose as she described the layoff and her manager’s inability to see her value.

Then, she pointed to her StrengthsFinder Talent Themes written into the workbook in front of her.

This. I wish I would have known this. I could have told you my Strengths and described them well, but my ‘needs’—wow— I had no idea.

If only, she reflected, her manager had known the environment in which her Strengths would really thrive. If only, she could have communicated her needs. Where she would show-up and lean-in and perform.

It would have at least been a start.

Instead, the manager prescribed and demanded and questioned. Forcing her into a mold that was much the wrong shape.

And they were both frustrated.

And so, this successful, mature business woman—with a set of Relationship and Communication talents extremely unique to her engineering industry—failed.

Now, she realized, she had a tool to change the outcome. Same organization, new role, new manager, and a new understanding of the things her Talents NEED to really thrive as Strengths.

She could change the outcome—from failure to success.

change outcome by needs

Today on Episode 13 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I share one of my very favorite applications of StrengthsFinder and a Strengths-perspective. It is a favorite because its knowledge is powerful, and armed with it, situations like I heard above can be altered.

It is about what YOU NEED.

Your StrengthsFinder Talent Themes—your Strengths—provide you with hints about what you NEED in order to thrive.

When those NEEDS are met, you will flourish. When they are not, you suffer, and much of your talent—your unique contribution—is left on the table.

I’ve seen it in the people I work with, and I’m certainly living proof of it. So, let’s explore!

{Plus, I’d love for you to begin to discover what those NEEDS are for you, so check out the FREE BONUS printable below!}

I’d love to help fill in the blanks or answer any questions you have about your NEEDS and/or your Strengths!  Comment below or contact me directly, and I’ll get right back with you.

AND, I want to give you what is perhaps THE #1 most helpful tool in all of StrengthsFinder application. It has been so insightful to me and to the folks I have worked with.

StrengthsFinder Bring Need Tool

It gives you some great ideas for what YOUR NEEDS might be. So, click here to request your FREE BONUS printable, and I’ll send it your way!



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