Are my StrengthsFinder 28-34 my weaknesses? | Isogo TV Episode 12

When I facilitate workshop experiences—for large companies or small, intact teams or individuals—there is rarely a time where the revelation of their Top 5 Strengths does not leave them hankering for more.

They want to see their Full 34—the entire list of StrengthsFinder Talents from 1 to 34.

And, I would place bets on why they want to see it.

They want the bottom.

The next set of Strengths—six through ten—yeah, sometimes. But the bottom of the list—that is where the juicy part is.

The bottom of the list, they often assume, are their weaknesses. It is where they are going to see their pitfalls, their mess ups and their failures, the things they are “not good at.”

The assumption, however, is not necessarily the truth.

Weaknesses can hang out at the bottom of the list of Talent Themes. These lower Talents take up residence in the neighborhoods where you have the most potential for blind corners. That is for certain.

But, weaknesses are not defined by the areas of talent or life that you are not great at.

Weakness Quote

The Talents that hang out at the bottom of your list are only weaknesses when they start getting in your way. In fact, I have loved getting to know and understand this definition of weakness from GALLUP:

shortage or misapplication of talent, skill, or knowledge that causes problems for you or others.

It is something that gets in the way of your own productivity or the productivity of someone else.

Today, on Episode 12 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, on this Q&A day, I answer this question about the “bottom of the list.”

The “list” refers to the detailed StrengthsFinder report that includes a ranking of Talent from 1 to 34. So, in some sense, this Q&A is StrengthsFinder-specific, yet if you watch with me, you will also find that it is true of every person who happens to be built with both Strengths and {gasp!} weaknesses.

If that’s you, I hope you join me for Episode 12 today! Then, let me know what other Qs you have so I can speak right to you and tackle your Q on Isogo TV.

Thank you for your support, questions, sharing and commenting! I appreciate you.

I’d love to help fill in the blanks or answer any questions you have about your NEEDS and/or your Strengths!  Comment below or contact me directly, and I’ll get right back with you.



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