What if one of my Weaknesses gets in the way of using my Strengths? | Isogo TV Episode 41

StrengthsFinder Q&A- Weaknesses in the way

It is Q&A Day on Isogo TV, and today’s Q comes from an Engineer Manager in one of the workshop experiences I facilitated recently.

We sat in a huge, largely empty room that looked out over the valley through floor to ceiling bay windows and smelled of corporate carpet and a freshly open buffet. They were colleagues in the same large organization, yet strangers to each other and to me. They were attempting to recalibrate from the busy-ness of the cubical workday to the stillness and openness of our 1 hour respite.

I had JUST introduced the Strengths perspective. The concept of abandoning the call to be “well-rounded” for the pursuit of our “star” was JUST beginning to sink in.

As one of the participants thought through this paradigm-altering perspective, his hand shot up. He already had an objection. He already saw and anticipated a roadblock.

“What if,” he asked, “one of my weaknesses gets in the way of my ability to use my Strengths?”

I smiled and nodded in affirmation of this insightful foresight.

I think we all have a similar question bobbing around in the back of our heads. All this talk about Strengths, but what about the unspoken truth of the “star”…what happens with the dips in our star that are certainly not our sharpest points—the things that are bound to get in the way?

Today, in Episode 41 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I address his question straight away, in a very similar way that we paused to answer right there in that workshop experience. In my response, you’ll hear:

  • My quick counter question
  • His astute example
  • A step-by-step walk-through of what it might look like to address weakness in order to allow room for Strength

So, let’s dive in!

How about that? Did you see how it works to clear the distraction of weakness away from the pursuit of Strength?

Over the next two weeks, I will be sharing, even more specifically about this dirty word we call “weakness,” and I’ll show you how cleanly (and embraced!) it really can be.StrengthsFinder Ask a Maven

In the meantime and beyond, I’d love to hear from you about other StrengthsFinder or Strength-perspective questions you have. I will jump into a dialogue with you and perhaps even address it right here on Isogo TV. So ask via Twitter, Facebook, or right here at isogostrong.com.

Until next time! Be Strong!


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