Turn Frustration into Appreciation | Isogo TV Episode 14

There is no escaping the hustling and bustling of these final few weeks of the year. Daily work routines shift to the daily rhythm of preparing and anticipating. Daily meetings with bosses and team members shift to include more meetings with neighbors, kids, spouses and in-laws.

And oh the in-laws.

I mean, I have perhaps some of the most gracious and unassuming in-laws I could ever design. They babysit with glee, do dishes better than a butler, and this year, they even asked about almost every gift they gave the kids before giving it to them. I mean, can you ask for much better??

Yet still, well, there have been issues. Still, we are different from each other.

Go figure.

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And those differences cause frustration. For a long while, it was those same differences that kept causing the same frustration over and over. So I would retreat and hide between them and my buffer {my guy, their son}. I would stuff it or leave the room or, on a good day, try to overlook it. But that frustration was still there—and it prevented us from the healthy relationship we needed to really enjoy our time together.

For a long while, I did not attribute the frustration to differences. I attributed it to intention. Like, why are they intentionally trying to frustrate me? Intentionally trying to thwart my plans or do it their own way?

But that was an inaccurate attribution. {And, I know my in-laws are wholeheartedly agreeing at this point in the post, since they are indeed my biggest fans.}

What I have learned about them and about myself over the past several years has changed the story of our relationship. How we are uniquely and naturally wired explains the “why and how” of what we do. Sometimes {ok, most times!} those “whys and hows” are dramatically different from one person to the next. And because those “whys and hows” are internal and invisible, we trip over them in sometimes wildly unexpected ways.

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Understanding my in-laws’ talents and Strengths really changed that. It brought their “whys and hows” into the external and visible, which allowed me to not only successfully navigate but to even begin to appreciate the same behaviors I once saw as unavoidable land mines.

This week on Episode 14 of Isogo TV | Live and Work Your Strengths Video Podcast, I share about my own landmine experiences with my mother-in-law and how understanding the Strengths of family is a valuable starting place to turn full-out frustration into real appreciation.

If you have had a frustrating family moment this bustling season or beyond, this one is for you.

My relationship with my in-laws is not nearly perfect.

I’m sure my “why and how” could just about drive them bananas at times. We still have work to do. But now we are working with the tools and common language that will bring those invisible landmines out into the open.

So now, when I step on them, at least it was not unexpected.

May your remaining moments of 2015 be filled with family you love {including their “whys and hows”!}



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