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As I look back on my own story—where I am and how I got there—there are faces and names that represent moments of truth, impact, and change.

They are the faces whose position in time and words in my life have shaped my story.

6th grade, Mr. Neighbor, with his somewhat distractingly large nose, sent me home with a pre-algebra book. When I returned the book and let him know I thought I wasn’t cut out for it, he pushed me, encouraged me, believed in me. 7th grade pre-algebra set me up for success in the years to follow, and, more importantly, brought unparalleled confidence.

7th grade, Kenna, with her loud love and constant hair twirling, took an ankle-length-floral-dress-wearing-introvert and brought out the best in me. Encouraging me to think deeply about the most important questions of life. Decisions I made that year set my path to accept the light on my feet as the most abundant way to live.

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Fast forward, Junior year of college, Human Diversity class, Professor Gerardo, with his imposing calm–challenged comfort, pushed the boundaries to think bigger, to impact ethos. He looked me in the eye and challenged my expected career path, believing and knowing I was wired for more. A year later, I abandoned my choice in order to pursue a foundation of wider impact.

Years later, pursuing the independent, family-supporting, entrepreneurial road, it was Curt Liesveld. He understood and lived out the strengths-based perspective in a humbly powerful way. He taught and encouraged and corrected. And it is his words I hear most loudly as I pass on the power of strengths to people I coach and train.

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There is a reason this post is gushy and reflective.

This week, Episode 9 of Isogo TV | Live & Work Your Strengths Video Podcast is a tribute episode. Earlier this year, Curt suddenly passed away in his own yard.

As I have learned in other areas of my life this year, loss is beyond expression. Yet loss also swings the door wide open to legacy.

Curt’s legacy stretches far beyond our few interactions and is both wider and deeper than his passion for spreading the message of a strengths perspective. In Episode 9, you will hear a small part of his legacy.

They are Curt’s words that say that Talent is “internal and invisible” and, as he impressed on me, it is our job—our challenge—to bring that internal and invisible out into the external and visible, to allow our strengths to be used, to be understood and to flourish.

So, join me and the 100s of others who tune in for Isogo TV! This tribute episode and stellar concept is one of my favorites and most eye-opening.

I also promise to leave you with a fun word picture that will ring true for the next time the person next to you is acting like a looney-tune.

I’ve seen it and I’m living it. Let’s dive in!

So roll down those windows…and let others hear that rockin’ out song we see you fanatically pounding out on your steering wheel!

What is internal and invisible for you? What luny thing do you see in the people around you that you would like to understand better? I’d love to connect with you and see what perspective I can bring. Comment below or contact me directly, and I’ll get right back with you.



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