2017 :: 4 Paths to Using Your Strengths for Life-Change

2017 paths to life-change

Unless you have experienced it yourself or have seen it transform the life of someone close to you, the life-changing power of the Strengths-perspective is difficult to imagine.

In 2017, we ventured down four specific paths to help change that for you:

1 :: We interviewed some regular people who have experienced deep impact from the knowledge and working-out of their Strengths.

2 :: We dove into the daily challenge of work-home balance and provided tangible, practical ways to create a Rhythm you love, through your Strengths.

3 :: We opened up the Strengths play book in our own marriage to share 8 ways to connect more deeply with your spouse, through your Strengths.

4 :: We launched a course that outlines a proven path to life-change through the use of your Strengths–for impact on your marriage and work.

Below, we highlight these four paths and hope that by walking one or more of these roads with us, you will begin to experience the life-changing impact that the Strengths-perspective can have on your life as well.

1 :: Strengths Stories in 2017

parenting strengths story feature

StrengthsFinder dramatically altered this family’s journey–from defeating discipline to inspiring encouragement through Strengths by parenting differently with the Strengths-perspective.

Read this breakthrough parenting story here.

More strengths stories we shared in 2017:

2 :: Life Balance Isogo TV Miniseries

strengthsfinder balance miniseries roundup

We kicked off the 2nd season of Isogo TV with a miniseries focused directly on what YOU asked for–Life BALANCE.

Check out this Balance Miniseries Roundup here.

3 :: Marriage Isogo TV Miniseries

Marriage miniseries roundup feature image

Get access to all 8 episodes of the Isogo TV Marriage Miniseries with this roundup, and discover all the FREE tools we shared during the series!

Click here for instant access.

4 :: 9 Steps Will Change You {Signature Course}

How much would you give to restore your marriage to something as soul-filling & tantalizing as it once was?

Read how the StrengthsFinder language literally RESCUED us from the daily plight of our missteps right here.


In 2017, we reflect with gratitude on the moments it has held — both the challenge + joy, the stability + new.

In 2018, we anticipate + jump into what it has in store for each of us…whatever that may be!

We’d love to bring more of what you need this year, so whether it be parenting, team building, communication, stories, or more on balance and marriage, we want to be there for you.

Please be in touch with us directly about what you’d like to see — we would cherish hearing from you!

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