ITV 64 | But First…Your Own Heart! {conflict resolution 3 of 6}

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By inspecting the motivation and position of our hearts, we come to a conversation about conflict resolution with a clean slate and humble state. Inspection is the best predictor of success.

On the Isogo TV Podcast today, we feature some strengths based ways to go there!


  • Hear a story about the power of inspecting your own heart before jumping into a heated conflict or conversation
  • Learn to use a practical and strengths-based tool to start your heart inspection
  • Understand the inspection strategy that uses your motivation as a driver toward resolution

{Throughout this Isogo TV Podcast series, we have been talking about the companion tool — Strengths Based Conflict Resolution Path + Action Plan — so be sure to pick up your path + chart your conflict + figure out what your next step to resolution is!}



Next week, learn the approach to your conflict conversation that will get you the best results you can possibly expect. And it’s all about who you bring with you…or don’t.



Links & Resources from Today’s Episode

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Conflict Resolution :: Inspect Your Own Heart First
Conflict Resolution Path + Action Plan {FREE Tool}
Are you caught up? Here is Part 1 and Part 2
Read this to see who you can bring along for next week’s episode
{9 Steps} to Life Change through your StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths

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